Vw daughter moia starts control mode in hanover

The Volkswagen subsidiary has launched the regular operation of her shuttles in Hanover. The approval of the city applies to first 150 vehicles, in the first step, the brand of 55 minibuses should be achieved in the next few days, the company shared on Monday (30. July 2018) with.

First, around 15 should.000 Additional users are admitted – in addition to the 3500 test users of the previous service test with 35 minibus buses. Gradually, Moia wants to increase the number of users and the vehicles. By the end of 2020, the half of the fleet in Hannover should drive electrically, until the end of 2022, this applies to all minibuses.

The classic carmakers stuffed for some time for the fight with large driving service platforms such as above. Daimler with Car2go and BMW with Drivenow have been at car sharing the placeters in Germany for years. VW wants to get into the car sharing market in the carsharing market for early information from Brand sales leader Jurgen Stackmann.

"Hannover is the first city in which we want to become an integral part of the public mobility," said Moia boss Ole Harms. Passenger can order your Moia vehicle to a virtual stop in your visit via app. A special algorithm ensures that passenger with a similar route are picked up on the way. In Hamburg, Moia starts in the first months of 2019. Above all, the taxi industry has strong reservations against the company.

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