Vw cross coupe: mix of coupe and suv

Vw cross coupe: mix of coupe and suv

Tokyo (Japan), 30. November 2011 – so many years ago were hardly realized a few years ago. But since it is modern, to occupy every little cheek, also gets a highly coupe his chance. The BMW X6 sells very well in some countries. VW now wants to try it with a sporty offshoot of Tiguan. The Cross Coupe, currently a study, will be on the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 (3. till 8. December) presented and aims to give a view of the art a SUV design of the brand.

Flat like a golf

Optically, the cross coupe is flatter therefore than the SUV competition. VW gives the high with just over 1.52 meters. That’s about as high as a current VW Golf VI. At 4.35 meters, the study is a bit longer than a golf, but short than a Tiguan. The wheelbase decreases with 2.63 meters around five centimeters long than at the Gulf. The front boshing angles amounted to 24.2 degrees, the rear 32.5. The Cross Coupe has a CW value of 0.33. For the trade fair, the study was placed on rough 20-Zoller with 265 tires – in a production model it was allowed to be 17- or 18-inch alus. The first model is the Cross Coupe on the new, modular crossbody (MQB) of Volkswagen.

Operation via touchscreen

In the interior four colored bowl seats were installed. The jerk seats and the back of the passenger seat can be folded forward. The backrests are clad with plastic, thus folding a non-sensitive loading float arises. The trunk fits a volume of 380 liters up to the height of the window edge. On a touch screen, the on- and off-road navigation and all relevant vehicle functions up to the audio system are displayed. Behind the three-spoke steering wheel is a freely programmable combination instrument display arranged. In offroad mode, for example, a gyrometer, a compass and a topographic map can be displayed. In another color display, among other things, vehicle information, the telephone menu, audio information and navigation data are displayed.

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