Vw criticism of restoration argert environment ministry

The Federal Ministry of Environment has significantly reduced the massive criticism of Volkswagen on hardware retracts in diesel cars. "VW’s response wonder," said a Ministry of Ministry on Friday (28. December 2018) on request of German press agency in Berlin.

In the case of negotiations with the Ministry of Transport in November, Volkswagen has become awarded to allow diesel vehicles for up to 3000 euros with catalysts. "That VW now makes a role ruckswart and again releases the renewal of the vehicle fleet, it is involved and will hardly restore the lost trust in the car concerts. For a few years old vehicle to exchange for a new one can only afford the fewest and is an obologious insane."

Hardware reversals not only made the air cleaner, but also stopped the devaluation of the vehicles that were no longer allowed to retract in driving zones without retransmissions, so the speaker. A fuel consumption can be compensated by the new hardware technique by software settings by software settings, this had proven experts.

Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had presented technical regulations for hardware reversals today. Volkswagen had reacted immediately and warned against a higher consumption after a conversion and negative consequences in the reliability of the cars: "We can not use information as automobile manufacturers in the spirit of our customers. That’s why we advise against hardware readings."

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