Vw calls time frame for farewell to the internal combustion engine

VW calls time frame for farewell to the internal combustion engine

According to the Group subsidiary Audi, the core brand VW has now called a concrete time frame for the final farewell by the internal combustion engine. "In Europe, we get between 2033 and 2035 from the business with combustion vehicles", said VW sales executive Klaus Zellmer the Munchner Mercury (Saturday). In the US and China, the exit will be some later, in Sudamerika and Africa will still take a good stucco long. Only a few days ago Audi had announced, at the latest 2033 the last burners left by the band.

Furthermore improvements to burners

VW will continue to work on improving his burners, emphasized Zellmer. This also applies to the diesel. Although the planned compilation of the EU emission standard (Euro 7) for Diesel is a special challenge. However, diesel drives were just in many ways "still very strong in demand", said the manager.

The Environmental Protection Organization Greenpeace ruled who, like Volkswagen, confesses to the Parisian Climate Agreement, have a 2025 stopping to roll new diesel and gasoline from the tape. It is also doubtful if so long is still European customers for "dirty burner" find. "If VW does not want to run the risk of staying on storehuters, the Group should set itself on a much early farewell to diesel and gasoline", said Greenpeace Traffic Expert Tobias Austrup on Sunday of the DPA.

Control over supply and demand

VW brand chief Ralf Brandstatter stressed, until 2030, 70 percent of all new Volkswagen in Europe should drive purely electric. For the way to the e-mobility, but not only one date for the exit from the burner. "We also have to develop the charging infrastructure quickly and advance the energy transition. As long as we still have a high carbon power supply, it does not make sense to reach a high electrical component", said firecoters the magazine Electrified and the Autogazette. "If today we were using the complete market with electric drives, then 50 percent of the vehicles were loaded with coal flow. The goods are not efficient, not even in the sense of climate protection."

Volkswagen Board Chief Herbert This had emphasized in the early year in the early year, he puts on a control over supply and demand. "In some regions, burners will be sold even more than in other regions", he explained then. After his idea, the change over the market and the customers. The burners were initially still necessary – also to finance the change into the purely electric world. In addition, modern burners are many times more efficient and less environmentally harmful than their operations from times of diesel crisis.

Audi is ambitious and wants to celebrate the last premiere for a new car model with a burner engine in five years. The car will then be sold for about seven years, so until 2032 or 2033 – depending on customer demand, but it bothered in Ingolstadt. After that the VW subsidiary wants to sell worldwide only vehicles with electric drive.

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