Vw calls in north america 377.000 cars back

Volkswagen launches a mass framework: due to incorrectly relocated sprit lines should 377.000 car in North America in the workshops. Among the affected cars is the same in the US and Canada very popular mid-range limousine Jetta.

The fuel lines are so laid that they were named in vibrations on other parts and so could be leaked in the duration, VW warned his customers in Ubersee. If petrol occurs, there is a danger of fire. "There was still no forelegal", said a group speaker on request. The jerk takes precisely precautionary.

German motorists are on the safe side: The deficiency concerns only cars with 2.5-liter funfzylinder engine. This is used according to company information in North America and applies there as the standard motor for Golf, Jetta, Jetta Combi and the New Beetle. Volkswagen calls these models partly up to the model year 2006.

The automakers have been prefixed since the Toyota debacle, which is concerned with technical deficiency. Clamping accelerator pedals and slipping fibmats had led to a million-fold jerk call and a heavy image damage. Also BMW and Mercedes had to fight with technical defects in hundreds of thousands of cars. Volkswagen, on the other hand, has so far been largely awreasable.

To date, the closely with the Golf relatives Jetta is the seller in Ubersee. First, VW has a completely overworked version to a fight price of just under 16.000 US dollars (currently around 12.000 Euro) plus taxes printed in the market. The Wolfsburger Group has set itself the goal of making Toyota as a world-growing car maker.

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