Vw calls 6700 touran with natural gas drive

The carmaker Volkswagen called the owner of the Vans Touran Ecofuel to bring their car to the workshop. Affected Be 6700 car owners in Germany who bought a Touran with natural gas propulsion from the manufacturing period September 2005 to May 2009, the company shared on Friday. The natural gas cylinders mounted under the car should be checked and two of the containers are deactivated, strolled it. There is no danger of motorists, the maaking is made as a precaution.

On demand, VW informed us that strong corrosion was discovered at the two rear bottles in the field observation. Overall, the Touran Ecofuel has four bottles: two small in the rear area and two coarse bottles in the middle of the vehicle in front of the rear axle. After deactivating the bottles, the natural gas range is reduced by approx. 20 percent.

In a first step, the affected bottles of the VW workshop are only checked, which should take about half an hour. If the bottles are rusted too much, they will be deactivated for the time being. If it comes to the exchange, are about four hours to schedule. The fact that the Touran riders must take around the workshop twice in the workshop, has a simple background: it can take three to four weeks until it gives a wide range of spare bottles throughout Germany. VW then wants to cover the affected then again.

(With material of the DPATo)

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