Vw boss to cooperate with suzuki

Volkswagen wants to work with the Japanese competitor Suzuki. "Suzuki goods because of his small car expertise an interesting partner", said VW boss Martin Winterkorn the on 21. August appearing Manager magazine. According to the economic leaf, for VW, both a joint venture and a ten percent participation came into question. Furthermore, it is in the contribution that Suzuki also negotiates with the French manufacturer Renault.

Nevertheless, VW chief winter grain expect good chances to go to the train at Suzuki, so the leaf. "Who plays the multi-brand strategy as good as we", asked the CEO, "Who prefer suzuki?"

Winter grain also indicated that he is aiming for a relegation of his contract onwards to the end of 2011. "If I stay healthy and you still want me, I can imagine staying long. There is much to do."

The sports car manufacturer Porsche is said to hang up winter grain under the roof of VW three new models. "Implementable goods a vehicle below Porsches so far smallest model, the Boxster." In addition, he is one of the railing carrier Cayenne "little brother" Imagine and an additional model of the Panamera, which is now new to the market coming sports limousine from Zuffenhausen. A new edition of the VW Porsche 914 from the 1970s he completed: "We will never do that again. I promise. A Porsche must remain a Porsche." (DPA-AFX/

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