Vw boss this criticizes federal government

Volkswagen boss Herbert This has massively criticized the energy policy of the Federal Government and stop a coal outward by the year 2038 for Spat. In order to protect the climate, Germany should first get out of coal waterproofing and then only from nuclear energy, said this in an interview of the specialist service Day mirror background mobilitat transport. Union and SPD did a lot in the government far too little for climate protection: "If one sees how to deal with the topic of electromobility or the energy transition, then the almost a shock star. I can understand that the youth is therefore on the barricades."

This said a coal outward exit until the year 2038 come to Spat after his convocation: "And the priorities have been set wrong: you had to get out of the coal and then from the nuclear power."He added," When climate protection is important to us, the nuclear power plants should run long."Germany wants to get off at the end of 2022 from atomic energy. At the end of January 2019, a broad government commission had a concept for the gradual coal outward exit until the end of 2038. The billions of structural aids are planned for the federal standards where coal is still degraded. On the other hand, there is protest in the Union fraction.

This said, in the fight against the Erdermenmommen, you have to start at the gross levers – this is the avoidance of fossil energy carriers such as coal, ol and gas. He continued to say, "We can reach the climate goals if we strongly limit and do not expand the carbon demand worldwide. But 500 new coal-fired power plants are built and 500 new planned. The Federal Government could also influence significantly more influence here internationally. Instead, in Germany, the coal reduction is still taxed tax. That is not consistent."

With a view of the outcome of the European elections, the Volkswagen boss said: "You can see that the center of society moves towards sustainability, Obology plays an ever greater role. This is extremely important for Volkswagen."The outcome of the election has proven VW in his strategy to strongly put on electric cars for the future.

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