Volvo boss wants to optimize production

The chief of the Swedish carmaker Volvo, the German Stefan Jacoby, wants to throw ballast from old Ford times. Specifically, the utilization of production is to be optimized, new cooperations forged and the self-responsibility of employees are initiated. "We will make the holiday season better in the works", said Jacoby the Financial Times Germany. Volvo is located in the middle of the restructuring.

The first western car maker is the Swedes owned by a Chinese owner – and go under the new Group Mother Geely against first expectations so far. Under the protection of the US mother Ford, structures had improved, "with which one is not surviving as a self-existing company", said the manager.

For 2012, the German company boss announced a streamlining of production: "We enhance the capacities by producing more flexible in our Swedish work." The Limousine S60, which previously exclusively ran in the Belgian Ghent from the volume, is also made in Torslanda / Sweden. This could be built more small SUVs of the type XC60 in Ghent. Also temporally the production should be extended. "We have to deny the factory leave so that we make the absolute production stop as low as possible."

Volvo had completed the third quarter with losses. The full year wants the carmaker to end with a profit. Volvo was able to reach sales by 20 percent in 2011 to 450.Increase 000 units. Alternatives to a production in the US or Mexico offered an export of Volvo models from China or a strong purchase of parts in the dollar space, said Jacoby. (DPA-AFXTo)

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