Volvo and geely: new development center, but vacancies

The Volvo Car Group and its Chinese majority owner GEELY Holding Grounds in Goteborg a new research and development center. There a new modular vehicle architecture and components for vehicles of the brands Volvo and Geely for the C segment are to be developed. Most important shared product and the art project of the new FE-Department becomes the next generation of the Volvo V40. Under Mats Fagerhag, Viceprasident for product strategy at Volvo Cars will work in the GoteBorger Wissenschaftspark Lindholmen 200 full-time employees in an "international occupied" team from the end of 2013. The aim is new product technologies with cost advantages in development, testing and procurement.

"We pursue ambitious goals to increase the competitive strength of our brands", Li Shufu, majority owners and Chairman of the board, is in a recent press release. "Geely will continue to work in theest years to improve the product quality and can learn from Volvo. The knowledge and technology exchange is not allowed to danger the integration of the brands and the individual product development. An independent and yet jointly operated research and development center is the best solution to realize these goals."

"With a developed, brand-turning module strategy, we create the conditions for Volvo, in the global premium market with top premium products continue to grow", so li shufu. "For GEELY is concerned with the help of new technologies to meet the demands on vehicles in coarse volume segments in China and selected international market."

Fagerhag, conceptual leaders of the new research and development center, sudden: "The module strategy allows the development of several different vehicle platforms based on a common architecture and ensured mab-tailored solutions for both brands. This will be a flagship project for the cooperation between a western premium car manufacturer and a successful Chinese automotive company."

"With Geely as a partner, we ensure that Volvo Cars has the spring carrying in the development of our art C-Segment vehicles", Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President for Research and Development at Volvo Cars. "We do not have to compromise, as in a partnership with an external automobile manufacturer of the case."

Carl-Peter Forster, Chief Adviser by Geely Holding and Member of the Board of Directors (Board of Directors) of the Volvo Car Group, is intended to ensure that the development of the modular architecture and the components requires the specific requirements of the brands.

Meanwhile, Volvo’s over the broadcaster Shorthand (SR) known to delete thousands of jobs for sinking sales up to the end of the year. Press spokesman Per-Åke Froberg said, you want to do without unburent. Volvo staffed about 22.000 employees. Due to the losses, the German board leader Stefan Jacoby had to go and was replaced by the Fruheren Man boss Håkan Samuelsson. In the previous week, Volvo announced that the early Opel top manager Carl-Peter Forster’s seat and voice gets on the Supervisory Board of the Geely daughter.

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