Volkswagen wants to attack toyota in asia

Europe’s big car maker Volkswagen Case on his next sales record and blacksmith plane for the so far negligible growth markets of Sudostasia. In the first eleven months, Wolfsburgs delivered 8.68 million cars and thus 4.7 percent more than a year earlier. "The Volkswagen Group shows very robust despite the persistently economic uncertainty," said distribution leader Christian Klingler loud message from Friday. For the full year, VW piles 9.5 million vehicles.

But while the world-growing car market China continues to postpone the paragraph, vw still has female stains on the world map of the car industry. Especially in sudostasies, where experts account for the large growth opportunities, Volkswagen drives the coarse competitor Toyota so far last. The Wolfsburgers changed and in the foreseeable future also produce themselves in their own way, as Klingler emphasizes in the current intragroup magazine for guiding fleece.

"We want to significantly increase our market share of currently one percent in the region and participate in the growth. That’s not just about importing and selling, "said the sales board. "In the medium term, we want to build vehicles on site for the respective market."So far, VW lies in the so-called ASEAN room around Thailand and Indonesia only a few subcomputed models of two local partners – so it depends on help. Toyota comes there already on a market share of around one third.

According to the VW internal magazine, the planning for more consolidated ASEAN production is in full swing – but there is no declus. "Corresponding talking are already guided. Decisions on new ASEAN locations have not yet fallen, "says it there. In the car industry, it is no secret that in factory tarpaulins for thresholders in addition to location factors such as infrastructure and workforce are also poked for subsidies.

Another strong growth driver alongside China, where VW in 2013 so far sold a third of all cars, the Wolfsburg can use well. Although global deliveries rose by 4.3 percent in November to 828.600 vehicles. "However, the challenges in the all-round world market remain unchanged," said Klingler.

The numbers for the home continent Europe even look better from month to month. Since January VW is only 1.3 percent in the minus. For 2014, experts expect a slight increase in new ones. For that, the core brand Volkswagen Cars on the second growing market in the world haets: In the US, sales in November broke more than 16 percent. Also there Toyota is far ahead of the Wolfsburgers.

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