Volkswagen threatens billions

Because of the failed supposition by Porsche, Volkswagen is now exposed to a claim for damages in billions. The Munchner law firm CLLB, which represented several dozen funds, have registered claims for damages over 2.4 billion euros against Porsche Automobil Holding Se, said lawyer Franz Braun to the news magazine mirrors. Now the law firm wants to extend their claim to VW.

"We will register compensation for damages Uber 2.4 billion euros to the VW Group," said Braun. Not only Porsche has exchanged investors as the company during the planned VW and 26. Increased October 2008 to strive for a 75 percent majority. This is also necessary to comply with the VW Group. Both the then Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking as well as Porsche co-owners Ferdinand Piech were at this time members of the VW Supervisory Board – their knowledge is therefore to be attributed to the Wolfsburg Group.

According to paragraph 15 of the Securities Trading Act, a company is obliged to "unopfer" insider information that affects it directly. According to the lawyer, VW had to be announced that Porsche wanted to acquire a 75 percent majority. Whether compensation for damages can be deduced, is open. Currently, the public prosecutor’s office of Stuttgart also determines in the case. It wants to determine, among other things, if Porsche already the plan for majority advice already before 26. October 2008 pursued.

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