Volkswagen: overhaul of possible vehicle traffic taxes

Volkswagen wants to wear potential payments in the vehicle taxes for hundreds of thousands of vehicles with disputed information on the CO2 outlet. "The Volkswagen Group will assist that any multi-taxes are compensated," wrote Volkswagen Group Chief Matthias Muller on Friday to the 28 Ministers of Finance of the European Union. From the CO2 outstaff hangs on car with first end of 1. July 2009 also the high of the vehicle tax.

Muller asks the finance ministers to charge the potential tax payments directly to the Group, even if the goods associated with organizational effort. In fact, it is said, "We were very grateful, although they were prepared to ensure not appropriate by appropriate legal or administrative arrangements that the status tax habits do not burden our customers, but Volkswagen directly with any multi-taxes."

Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) had challenged on Wednesday, VW is in the responsibility and in the duty to fix the damage resulting from the false CO2 information for customers. In coordination with the Federal Ministry of Finance, his department work "on a legislation that ensures that the customer is not burdened by this additional cost at the car tax, but the Volkswagen Group."

Volkswagen had announced at the beginning of the week, around 800.000 vehicles in the Group had the outset of carbon dioxide (CO2) and thus the sprit consumption has been too low. In Germany this concerns 200.000 cars. In mid-September 2015, Volkswagen had snapped manipulations at exhaustest tests. There are nitric oxide values.

Volkswagen Group Chef Muller goes in writing to the Finance Ministers also on the deviations and why it takes a long time to provide concrete information: "A reliable evaluation of the deviations is currently not possible due to the complexity of the topic. Volkswagen is anxious to make a proper classification of the CO2 values in the relevant vehicles of the Volkswagen Group as quickly as possible."Daruber have already been guided by the state approval cases.

In addition, Muller announced: "For our customers, we set up a multilingual consulting center these days, which will be available for all inquiries related to the consequences of identified inconsistencies around the clock for all inquiries."Muller looks with the words:" Let me are you that I’m sorry for me in the highest mabe to have to deal with this extremely unpleasant matter. I do it out of the interest of our customers in your country."

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