Volkswagen: motor ea 288 free of manipulation

Volkswagen concedes all-clearing: The younger diesel engines with the internal designation EA 288 are not affected by the manipulations. The drives have therefore not only built in the current EU exhaust standard Euro 6 No forbidden software. The same applies to the EA-288 variants built in 2012 in Euro 5.

"According to esteem, there is now clarity," said the company with. The internal investigations had shown that in both EA-288 variants – ie with Euro 6 and also the first with Euro 5 – "no software is installed, which is an inadvertent shutdown device in the sense of legislation".

The hours of uncertainty had been initially opened, whether the debacle expanses and further motorists unsettled. The premises of additional wagons with fraud software had also bruised Europe’s well-car manufacturer’s allegation of salamitics.

The prere in Wolfsburg was therefore enormous. Even the previously known jerk of 8.5 million diesel with the alter engine EA 189 draws a whole rat tail to problems with: backrests, loss of trust, ads, lawsuits, compensation or resume subsidies. It’s about potential billions.

With the engine EA 189 is an exterior diesel in the focus of the backranges. The drive was used only up to cars with exhaust standard Euro 5. Currently there are only models with Euro-6-foremost in their own car dealership according to VW. The initial suspected of Thursday then jerked the successor to the EA 189 in the picture, the EA 288. It started at the beginning, the early EA-288 version, which first first fell Euro 5 and not Euro 6, is also affected by the Affare.

At the Affare, it goes purely technically about the fact that a VW software recognizes that the car is tested for exhaust gas prunes. The settings are then changed so that the guidelines are achieved. Drapes on the strain in everyday life are the values then high, and the information from the laboratory situation is significantly exceeded.

The Federal Corporation Office (KBA) refers to this manipulation as an "inadmissible shutdown" and ordered in Germany already the jerk of 2.4 million EA-189 diesel from the VW Group. According to the new suspicion, the authority was not a good figure, based in Flensburg: "We have no knowledge that the EA 288 has also has an inaccurate shutdown after EURO 5," said a spokesman – but appealed to: "Our investigations last."He’s the list of cars to be tested" not before ".

With the clarification, Volkswagen is now a crucial step in the processing of diesel debacle. The Group is sure that the forbidden manipulation programs or at least variants of it disappeared with the generational change of the motors of the EA 189 on the EA 288. The initial uncertainty in this question also demonstrates how difficult it for the world company with 600.000 employees is to bring more light into the affairs.

For a good month, the scandal is known. The new Council of Council of Council Matthias Muller had promised at the end of September at his start of "reluctant explanation and maximum transparency". But all statements are these days on the legal gold scale, and days like the Thursday with his hourly uncertainty clearly show that the declaration process is still at the beginning.

This situation is sometimes prekar for the group. Muller wants more lateralcards, flatter hierarchies, more courage to my own opinion, more decision-making, decentralized responsibility and blob no climate of fear. He demands sparkling – but sometimes there is also shockable in the face of open questions.

To all overflow reported on Thursday Manager magazine, that leading VW managers had known from exhaust problems before about one and a half years ago – although they were probably not guiled by the causal manipulation of manipulation.

As the leaf is writing to the protocol of a board meeting, the wiring wars of the core brand VW cars should already be discussed in the spring of the year 2014. At least at this point VW denied without delay: "Such a protocol note does not exist," the Wolfsburg reported the meeting note letter from the beginning of previous year.

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