Volkswagen: million penalty in canada

The Group will be pubes in high 196.5 million Canadian dollars (CA. 135 million euros) imposed as the prosecutor on Wednesday (22. January 2020) informed in Toronto. Previously, Volkswagen probably known to have imported cars that did not correspond to the admission exhaust standards. The manufacturer has admittedly admitted to have violated environmental laws and misguided information.

Volkswagen: "have comprehensively cooperates"

Volkswagen announced in a statement that the company has comprehensively cooperated in the investigation of the resistances. After the guilty agreement and the agreement with the prosecutor, all actions are enclosed. The decision recognizes the comprehensive measures that Volkswagen in Canada have taken for redressing and to start his worldwide compliance guidelines. With the payment of the Group, environmental projects were supported in Canada.

Canada’s government had charged charges against Volkswagen and accused the Group, between the beginning of 2008 and at the end of 2015 nearly 128.000 vehicles with illegal exhaust technology for manipulating emission values have been introduced. Volkswagen had already been confronted in the country in recent years with complaints of diesel owners and has already spent more than two billion Canadian dollars for reductions. The lawsuit of the government followed after four-year investigations of the Ministry of the Environment.

The affected cars are vehicles of the brand VW, Porsche and Audi. In the US, the Group also ied a guidance in court. Volkswagen was not only occupied there civil law with enormous sanctions, but also paid a billion penalty due to criminal offense. Against several courageously responsible – including ex-group boss Martin Winterkorn – are criminal charges and arrest warrants of the US judicial care. Two early VW employees have already been sentenced to years of adhesive and high fines.

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