Volkswagen manager must be detained in usa

The Volkswagen Manager Oliver Schmidt arrested at the beginning of the year, which the US has charged in exhaust gas fraud, must be detained. The state court of appeal confirmed on 23. May 17 The rejection of a deposit application, which had been challenged by the lawsold of the long-term Volkswagen employee. On the decision to put the man not to open to free for escape danger, there was nothing to complain about, the court found.

The US judiciary accuses the German, who at Volkswagen to Marz 2015 in a senior function with environmental ies in the US, has been part of a consposition to fraud and incremental against US environmental laws. His process is expected to begin until January 2018. He threatens a long prison sentence.

The defendant was on the 7. January at the backward journey from Florida from the US Federal Police FBI at the airport of Miami has been intercepted and has been detained since then. He plads on innocent. Recommendation letter from family and friends as well as the offer to deposit financial collateral of $ 1.6 million, the judge in the first instance did not convince the deposit request.

The US judiciary escapes that Schmidt, if he freewame could settle to Germany, from where no delivery threatens. Due to the exhaust gas fraud in the US, criminal charges against seven Volkswagen employees have been made public. The defendant, however, is the only one who could believe the US resistances.

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