Volkswagen l1: version 2 of the one-liter car

Volkswagen l1: version 2 of the one-liter car

Wolfsburg, 14. September 2009 – Also this dangerous happens cheap, but it shows that VW says it’s serious. The 2002 one-liter auto now follows a study that acts significantly "series-proof". The L1 is not quite as crisp as its process, but uses some components that already exist or can be derived from existing technology.

Update of the Piech Dream

New is the idea of L1 not: In April 2002, the one-liter car was born. At that time, the then VW-Boss Ferdinand Piech piloted a cigar-forming prototype called 1l from Wolfsburg to Hamburg. However, it quickly became clear that the time for a series production was not ripe: the production of the body of carbon fiber-picked plastic, short CFK, would have become much too expensive. Now, in 2009, one is also a step further in this regard and shows on the IAA in Frankfurt (17. to 27. September 2009) The study L1. VW refers to the new flounder as "update" and indeed: the basic shape of the optics has remained the same, but the version 2 presents itself.0 Clearly serious.

Short, flat and narrow

HOW MUST A FREE EXPORTANT AUTO LOVE? Possibly narrow. So it comes to the L1 to unusual proportions: during the long of 3.81 meters approximately that of a VW Fox and the high of 1.14 meters of a Lamborghini Murcielago corresponds, there is hardly comparable for the width of 1.20 meters. Logical consequence: The two L1 occupants take like once in the KnifeSchmitt. The two-seater monocoque, the seats and the body ski skin consist of CFK. Drivers and passenger rise from above. For this purpose, an electrically static entry-level hood opens. The newly designed headlights and jerk lights are accessible on economical LED technology. In order to improve the aerodynamics and thus reduce consumption, the rear raders are completely disguised, the covers are removable for tire change. The Michelin Pneus are extremely narrow, but provided with high edge, so that the Mabe 95/60 R16 comes out front and 115/70 R16. In addition, the subfloor is completely disguised, the CW value is only 0.19. Overall, the L1 weighs only 380 kilograms, of which 124 kilograms are eliminated on the body.

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