Volkswagen is aiming for a dominant agreement with you

For a long time the step was expected, now it is official: Europe’s big car maker Volkswagen wants to control the daughter as well as completely. As with the upper-class offshoot Audi, a domination and profit repayment treaty should ensure that the Group nut in Wolfsburg can go through in important strategic questions and also access to the profits of the truck and mechanical engineering specialist from Munchen. This year, the project should be implemented, won it on Thursday from the enterprise headquarters. Thus, the actionaries were already allowed to the MAN Annual General Meeting on the 6. June on the contract decide.

Volkswagen financial board Hans Dieter Potsch had already indicated for a long time to tie even closer to the entire group. "We reserve all the opportunities open," he said in the past early year. For a domination and profit transfer agreement, at least three quarters of the votes of the shareholders present at the Annual General Meeting are necessary. Volkswagen holds at the moment currently over 75 percent, a positive vote is considered likely. Nordlb Analyst Frank Schwope sees this as a formalism, an increase to up to 100 percent was possible. VW now estimates the value of the remaining shares.

The Lower Saxony Strive the full control of the Bavarians to better gear their commercial vehicle business with Man, Scania and the light vans and vans from Hanover. The new Council of Executive Board and ex-Scania boss Leif Ostling has placed opportunities since September 2012 how the costs can be printed and the production of all offshoots can be simplified.

Also Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn had ared that the individual brands should keep their own condition. At this march sweats, the Group ared: one respects the rights of the MAN employees "in full". The Munchner wanted to think about the planned contract. But here was the project that Volkswagen also wants to discuss with the board, also expected. For the purposes of the umbrella-ending goal, it would be possible to forge an integrated commercial vehicle group.

Worldwide market drivers at truck is the rival Daimler. Volkswagen’s cooperation with the Swabia in the coarse transporter Crafter / Sprinter stands according to media reports before the expirably also on the operation of VW Patriarch Ferdinand Piech, which aims to favor a group-internal solution from the end of 2016. A community project with you is in conversation. According to the information of the trading sheet, the Crafter successor was built in Turkey or Poland.

The economic outlook for 2013 and the difficult business in the previous year also burden the commercial vehicle builders. Man and the Swedish VW daughter Scania had to cope with her turn. In the MAN plant Salzgitter, short-time working on Monday, even in Munchen there is only one instead of two layers. Already on the Christmas holidays, the production rested, many man employees had to empty their time accounts or take a vacation. In the light VW commercial vehicles, which are poets at the car segment of the car hire, it continues to be round.

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