Volkswagen calls milestones for electrical and hybrid cars

"Volkswagen presents points for E-Mobilitat" it is called today in a press release of the car manufacturer. In it, the company shares with removing its vehicle fleet with electric drive. Already in Geneva, the use of hybrid technology is demonstrated on the basis of the Touareg hybrid.

But that is only the modest beginning, because the e-mobilitat is of course more than a coarse hybrid SUV. Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn has greater goals: 2010 should be "Test fleet" With 500 golf models with electric drive "get extended". 2012 Follow a hybrid version of the Jetta for the US market. From 2013 then the e-up should! go into series production. The aim is the market fuference in the electromobility until 2018. Winterkorn wants to achieve that until then the proportion of electric vehicles in the program in the program amounts to three percent.

Even today, an electric car for short distances up to 150 kilometers is suitable. In the coming months, there were therefore various brands of the Group in "strategically selected" Start market in Europe, North America and China with field trials. An important intermediate step is the Group-wide use of hybrid technology for production vehicles. From the point of view of Karl-Thomas Neumann, Group officer for electrical traction, Aubert the technology expertise of Volkswagen in the module strategy, which allows to integrate hybrid and electric drives flexibly in a wide variety of vehicle platforms of all Group brands. In the medium term there will be a coexistence of vehicles with electric and internal combustion engines. And also that "Improvement potential" From internal combustion engines you will continue to turn off to consumption and emissions "significantly reduce".

After the Touareg, as hybrid versions for 2012, the Jetta and a year later Golf and Passat are planned. Volkswagen is quite spat in comparison to Japanese manufacturers. The schedule for the market entry of pure electric cars is the company on the other hand "as ambitious as consistent": After the e-up! (2013) follows the presentation of the E-Gulf and the end of 2013 the E-Jetta. All this should serve the claim formulated today, "With the help of these measures … driving in the area of the CO2 neutral mobility" to become.

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