Volkswagen autonomous taxi sedric

If cars can drive completely autonomously, not only hard times are to the taxi profit – the mobility of each individual is redefined on a blow. An outlook offers on the Geneva salon of Sedric. However, the Round VW emblem is looking for in vain.

"Volkswagen Group" stands on the flanks, a trademark of the Sedric (short for: Self Driving Car) is currently not available. You can imagine this vehicle with light adaptations as Audi, Seat, Skoda or Volkswagen itself conceivable a particularly luxurious Bentley goods in the future on this base. The cubic body with its disguised gases can accommodate up to four people – futuristic-fleeping shapes, LED modules for communication and rough glass flats Prague the Apple.

The users negotiate in natural language

Anyone who climbs the study over the two far-to-swinging treatments seek in vain steering wheel, instruments or pedals. There are two comfortable seats in the direction of travel and, similarly as in a London taxi, two fold-out emergency seats, where else luggage finds his place. With the entry, the communication with the vehicle is carried out by language or app. Over the aim, the journey, the current traffic situation or a short intermediate stop negotiating users in natural language as with a personal assistant.

Earth, developed and built was Sedric in cooperation between the Future Center Europe of the Volkswagen Group in Potsdam and Group Research in Wolfsburg. The design comes from the hands of Porsche chief designer Michael Wall, which creatively board the interdisciplinary development team. Joachim Jandwirth and Ulrich Eichhorn, at VW responsible for research and development cummered around technology and mobile services. Yandwirth and stop a thing in the format between remote control and bottle empty high: "The SEDRIC is called with a prere on this button," he says, "It’s natural that works with the smartphone."Then the SEDRIC designed on the modular electric building box of the VW Group rolls almost so-free. "The service is done completely above language," explains Youngwirth and demonstrates it the same by bringing a gigantic screen to the windshield on a mouthful command. Video telephony or a short cinema experience are no problem in VW Sedric.

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