Volkswagen and microsoft cooperate

Volkswagen and microsoft cooperate

Volkswagen and Microsoft will cooperate more extensive than so far planned at Cloud Services. Herbert Dies, CEO of Volkswagen AG, and Microsoft Chef Satya Nadella rally on Wednesday (27. February 2019) in Berlin, the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud based on Microsoft technology not only in Europe, but also in the US and in China.

Volkswagen wants to fully networked car generations, especially the ID models, fully network and offer its customers digital value-added services. The id. Will be the first vehicle that use the Automotive Cloud. "2020 he will come to the market in Europe. In the same year the production starts in China, "said VW boss this. In the US, a member of the ID family will roll from 2022 to the band. Volkswagen also cooperates with his digitalization plans with the German specialist Diconium. In addition, the Group has taken over the majority of the telematics specialists from Swedish Rival Volvo WirelessCar. Audi is also involved in the Berlin Navigation Specialist here.

Volkswagen and Microsoft were now working on "first lighthouse projects for crosslinked vehicle services", threw it. You will focus on communication and navigation solutions as well as personalized services. Among other things, I have opted for Microsoft, because the software group is not with Volkswagen around the driver’s attention, said this. In addition to Microsoft, another classic player of the IT industry is invading Google to the automotive market. Apple has long been planning to enter the automotive world for a long time, but has recently reduced "Project Titan".

This emphasized his company developed into a software company. "That’s a long way. Our software skills are still limited, but this is exactly what."Volkswagen must build additional software capacity quickly. "With the hardware we are pretty good and play internationally in the first league. The exciting question will be whether we will be so good at software development."For this scenario, comprehensive updates for vehicles with new features. "But that’s a whole new world for us."In the smartphone world, manufacturers sometimes needed several starts until an update work properly. "We can not afford that."Nadella said Microsoft Konne could learn a lot from the automotive industry, for example, when it comes to the operation of critical systems. "Companies like Volkswagen can also learn from the software industry, for example, for example, the pace of changes are concerned."

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