Volkswagen and his co2 strategy

"Volkswagen is committed to the Paris climate destination to limit the global increase in temperature to significantly under two degrees, with a clear plan." By Volkswagen with only half-raised louds from the exhaust gas exterior to the ecological company is to be Volkswagen’s new battery car VW I.D. initiate. The next year it should come on the market and mark a very comprehensive start.

The local carbon dioxide emissions of the VW vehicle fleet should go back to zero by 2050, the I.D.-Models embedded in a whole OKOSystem. Central building block of this world is the Zero-Impact factory, which aims to seek CO2 neutral production. That technically is not possible what this name promises, the VW managers is clear. For the climate gas balance being balanced, Volkswagen wants to invest in selected projects, for example in the water treatment, reforestations and the demand of renewable energies.

Value chip as lever

The plant Zwickau, in which the electromobile I.D. is built, takes the pioneering role. Since 2010, the CO2 outset has been reduced by 66 percent, the electrical compact class model should run CO2-neutral from the end of the year from the end of the year. The entire value chain should be in this sense "grunn", Renewable energies are powered. In order to achieve this, Volkswagen will also build its suppliers on their own OKO claim. From the middle of the year, the macaway catalog will be ready to have the suppliers to address. Who does not participate, loses Volkswagen as a customer.

Immediately affected are from this hard OKO line 40.000 Direct business partners, but also their suppliers are to be brought to line, because it is finally about the entire value chain. This also takes the production of steel, which is known to Volkswagen as a CO2-sensor.

Coarent CO2-sundes is the battery production

As a large CO2 problem, however, the production of battery cells has been made at Volkswagen. Now the at least with Okologically produced current should" happen. This also takes the Chinese producer Catl, which pulls a battery cell factory in Poland. In Europe, this line may be to be enforced, but in China, which one still sees as the large driver for electromobility, it was already much more difficult.

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