Volkswagen and ford: in-depth cooperation?

Volkswagen and ford: in-depth cooperation?

The Supervisory Board of Volkswagen Berat on Thursday (11. July 2019) in Wolfsburg over an expansion of cooperation with Ford. The companies already cooperate in the field of light commercial vehicles and pick-ups to save hundreds of millions of euros in development. The Group Chefs Herbert this and Jim Hackett had always opened the possibility, even with the electromobility and the autonomous driving the crafts to a bundling. Both fields are also associated with high development expenses.

That Handelsblatt had reported in the past week with commercial circles, this has already completed the negotiations with the representatives of Ford. The Supervisory Board should now agree with the project. A Volkswagen spokesman officially said, however, only that the talks ran well between the companies.

For Ford, the platform developed by Volkswagen could be of interest, which offers a technical basis for the construction of electric cars. Volkswagen had announced to offer them other companies. The crisis company of Ford lacks such a platform so far. This has under circumstances of far-reaching consequences: In the face of faded CO2 boundaries in the European Union from 2021, sensitive punishment could threaten.

The long-term restrictions of fleet consumption – and nothing else is a CO2 limit – could only be difficult to achieve without electric cars. At least foreseeable for Ford only a series of hybrid models, including Fiesta, Focus and Kuga.

Volkswagen was able to participate in Ford’s company ARGO AI. Questionable goods then how Argo should be integrated into the Volkswagen activities around autonomous driving. The cooperation with the US Start-up Aurora had capped Volkswagen boss this, such a stumbling stone for the Alliance with Ford out of the way.

Volkswagen was able to pay that the attention has decided to drive for autonomous driving in recent months, which could make a participation of Volkswagen Gunstiger. Suppliers warned against unreerated systems, also assessed managers the financial outlook more skeptical. Lastly, Daimler and BMW work together to advance the technology with lower costs.

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