Volksporsche 2.0: vw concept bluesport

Volksporsche 2.0: vw concept bluesport

Detroit (Michigan / USA), 12. January 2009 – Place a lot of lane and politically correct consumption values under a hat wants the Roadster Concept Blueport Bluesport from VW, who at the North American International Auto Show (audience days: 17. to 25. January 2009) World premiere celebrates.

Lightweight construction stood in the foreground

The Concept Bluesport is 3.99 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 1.26 meters high. His wheelbase amounts to 2.43 meters. In the construction, mainly due to lightweight construction, so that the crisp mid-motor athlete weighs only 1200 kilograms. The low weight was achieved through the only 27 kilogram of heavy hoods and hoods made of aluminum. Despite all the momentum, everyday use should not be neglected: in front there are 112 liters, back 70 liters of storage space.

Clean diesel with 180 hp

Behind the two sports sites of Concept BlueSport provides a 180 hp strong "Clean"-TDI with common rail injection and downstream nitrogen oxide storage cap for dynamics. From 1750 tours, the two-litermotor supplies its maximum torque of 350 Newton meters. About a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the force will transfer to the rear roller. Is switched automatically or by switching buttons on the steering wheel.

4.3 liters consumption

After 6.6 seconds the sports car is 100 km / h fast. The tip is 226 km / h. To the low consumption of 4.3 liters at 100 kilometers corresponding to 113 grams of CO2 per kilometer, a start-stop automatic and the preferably charging of the battery during pushing phases at. So the Concept BlueSport in the city should save up to 0.2 liters of fuel to 100 kilometers. Thanks to a 50-liter tank, the range according to VW is more than 1000 kilometers.

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