Visiting the headquarters of tesla motors

Visiting the headquarters of tesla motors

Menlo Park (USA), 26. November 2008 – The manufacturer of the currently single serious electric sports car resides from San Francisco in Menlo Park – Stanford University and Silicon Valley are not far. Here, the drive train of the wagon pre-assembled in the British Hethel of Lotus is installed, the expensive battery gets its first cargo. The modern building complex with attached sales room was not built by Tesla – previously a Chevrolet handler brought its internal combustion engine cars under people. Thus, the Tesla spitz roof show room was symbolic for a fundamental change in the automotive industry, whose outlet is not yet foreseeable.

Rimding order booker – also from Germany

"Do not touch" signs stick to the discs waiting in the exhibition space Roadster. At least ten cars are here, all made according to customer requirements, all pickup. The buyers take the car when they have time, which can take up to a week. Nothing compared to the waiting time of a new customer: One year he has to be patient before he gets his electric corner. So used Tesla Roadster will be more expensive than new ones. So far, 80 cars were delivered, at the end of the year the 100 loose has been made. Pre-ordered are already over 1000 of the electric racers. The prime edition available from Marz 2009 in Europe is not yet completely sold out, most orders are available from Germany and Great Britain. Many Europe orders their Tesla, if they have business in the area.

Behind the show

A small hall connects the show room with the back area of Tesla building. There, the drive is built in the cars, the battery charged and various service work is done. A journalist may not normally be in here, especially since there are also prototypes away and various development projects are being promoted. We explain that we have come Extra from Germany and the Tesla officers have to see after a few phone calls with unknown jobs: we can be used in the holy halls of final assembly. There are plenty of roadster again, many with funny colorful hats standing for the respective expansion status. An orange Tesla belongs to the opened bonnet: The tail of the car is empty, engine and battery still missing. The assembly by means of a special liftingger takes five hours. Then the car gets its energy at a fast straight station and is ready for the world there drabs.

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