“Virtuaverse” played: pixel perfect cybertrip

"Neuromacer" Leave pits: Similar to William Gibson’s Sci-Fi Classic, it’s in the PointClick Adventure "Virtuaverse" To the rough threatening cyberpoint world of our future. With topics such as transhumanism and fear of the surveillance state, the Indie-Studio Theta Division stages an exciting but demanding journey into the beautiful, new Cyberwelt.

Cyberpunk on the run

Seeing Montage: Cybernerd Nathan just had to digest that his girlfriend has left him in a race-like way when he is suddenly getting into the crosshairs of cryptoshamanes, Technomancern and an all-encompassing conspiracy. Nathan does not just burge behind his AVR glasses, but chops through the networks and turns to a journey that leads him to space.

"Virtuaverse" 100 seconds

Similar to old Lucas Arts adventures and most recently in the Games of Wadjet Eye’s retro professionals, players are looking for the screen for important tools, combine and loose ever trickling Ratsel. They are in "Virtuaverse" Although always logical, but they require a lot of lateral thinking from the players because they merge and reality. With his AVR glasses Nathan changes between the real life and augmented realitat, the memories "Blade Runner" arouse. Some Ratsel are only through the right use of this second reality. That’s original and exciting.


"Virtuaverse" Although plays in the future, but developer Theta Division has given the game a nearly perfect retro-pixelook. Were not the numerous, loving graphic details, the game could be created in the Amiga or Atari St. Fits some insidegags about the hardware that lets the hearts of some retrofans whatever.

The stylish retrocharme conceals something the dystopia behind the story: a k.I., which has designed the total surveillance state. Each step is pursued, privacy does not exist and a few retro hackers samples with floppy disk and acoustic coupler the uprising. The paranoid thought worlds of a Philip K. Dick connect with the Irrwitz William Gibson to an exciting science fiction story, in which it goes only by one at the core: the monster technology and what makes us.

Virtuaverse played

"Virtuaverse" Convested by a stylish duster retro look and crisp ratsel.


"Virtuaverse" is a stylish retro pixel dream that brings the brain synapses on tours. The developers create a successful mix of old PointClick Adventures like "Monkey Island" and the thought worlds of cyberpunk literature. But beware: "Virtuaverse" is a case for PointClick professionals who like to break the head on demanding rats. Who arranges with the scrites, but logical judicial dishes, may look forward to an exciting cyber adventure in front of a duster background.

"Virtuaverse" is on the 12th. May for Windows, Mac and Linux appeared. It costs approx. 15 €. USK did not get up. For our played, we played the Windows version a few hours.

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