Vandenbrink gto: red dream from amsterdam

Vandenbrink gto: red dream from amsterdam

Amsterdam, 17. October 2007 – There are cars that transform stimulated manner in ten-year school boys. Which you put in speechless amazement and let it with a decrease from the six in the lottery dream. Clear: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But we mean: who the sight of the Vandenbrink GTo let cold, who can not be a true autonomous.

Body to Mab

The ambitious project of the Hollander Michiel van the Brink was already designed in 2006 as a study and is to be built – after overwalking positive resonance of press and audience – actually built in 2008. In 2009, the first specimens will be delivered. So you remember in Amsterdam on the Honorary Tradition Small, Noble Body Manufacturers. Their wedding was between the world wars. At that time it was self-resistant to the manufacturer only a drive-up substructure including engine and gearbox. Cleared and removed from the inside the vehicle was then from an exclusive body specialist, such as Henri Chapron in France.

Look back

Similarly, the method of GTO: The Mannen of Vandenbrink undress a brand new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and put it on the image clay GTO body. Only the A-suctions and the windshield are superseded by the starting material. In order to produce and assembly of preciasing, the body and Ferrari specialist Alwin Hietbrink is co-operated. The shape of the careless is clearly oriented to historical models: Van den Brink has deliberately designed the GTO as a tribute to the classic Ferrari 250 GTO of 1962.

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