Us now also turns to the monroe doctrine back

US now also turns to the Monroe doctrine back

Cartoon (1903) to the Monroe Doctrine of Charles Bush: "Go away, little man, do not store me." Image: New York World / Credit: The Granger Collection, NY / Public Domain

Security Advisor advertises for more direct influence of Washington in Latin America and Caribbean. Departure from the regional policy Obamas

The US government under Prasident Donald Trump is aiming for high-ranking representatives a return to the traditional backyard policy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton had notanged new sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in this context (USA have more sanctions against the "Troika the tyranny" worried). At the same time he craved the validity of the so-called Monroe doctrine. "Today we are proud that all it horns: the Monroe doctrine is alive and she is a good doctrine", said Bolton in Miami before veterans of failed invasion in the Cuban pig bay in 1961.

The MONROE doctrine written in 1823 forms the basis of a null tolerance policy of the USA for almost 200 years against the influence of European and further made in the American continent. The origionary progressive, because anti-imperialist concept was put into the opposite later: with the rise to the coarse power and at the latest at the beginning of the Cold War, the United States called on the Monroe doctrine to intervene in Latin America and the Caribbean.

US Prassident Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) formulated an addition, which funded the intervention policy Washington in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean: "If a nation shows that they understand named and with power and decency in social and political questions understands that they pay order and paid their debts, then they do not need to fire any interference from the United States."

While spattery US prasides were traversed to distance themselves from this hardliner policy, the Monroe doctrine in the Cold War under Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) experienced a revival: Reagan used the principle to influence the Soviet Union as well as left groupings and Parties secretly and militarize.

Bolton said now with jerk handle on the language of the Cold War, that "socialism in our hemisphare takes its end". The US needed all support at the upcoming offensive: "We all have to call the representatives of communism and socialism in this hemisphare – and in our country -", said the US prasident consultant.

Already in the Marz of this year, Bolton, who applies as a hardliner in the Trump government, applied the interventionist Monroe doctrine (Bolton: Monroe doctrine for US control of Western Hemisphare). On the question of the reason for the increasingly aggressive policy against the Government of Prasident Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela replied the security adviser, the woman house becomes henceforth again stronger around its own interests on the American continent. "In this government, we are not afraid to use the term ‘Monroe doctrine’", So bolton. Venezuela is just a country in the influence area of the USA and it will take the time to return to the radical policy Ronald Reagan, "To have a completely democratic region", said) Bolton opposite the CNN journalist Jake Tapper.

In an interview, the Russian ambassador criticized Venezuela, Vladimir Zaemskiy, Bolton’s opinions. "The US government can not invent a time machine to turn the course of history", replied the Russian ambassador. The time of the Dominance of the USA about Latin America of the past.

With the new Latin America policy, the Trump government also turns against the regional policy line of officials Barack Obama (2009-2017). During his prasid, Divincider John Kerry had explained in a speech before the Organization of American States (OAS) at the end of 2013 the Ara of Monroe Doctrine for Finish. "In the course of our nation’s history, numerous prasides have followed the doctrine. Today we have made a different choice", Kerry said. The end of US interventionism in Latin America, he called, with the exception of the socialist Cuba – as the beginning of a new stage of relations between "equal states" On the American continent.

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