Us general: people for the defense against drone swarms probably too slow

US General: People for the defense against drone swarms probably too slow

The General responsible for the modernization of the US Army has indicated that certain militar technology is already too highly slowed by human intervention. The US message page Military.According to COM, General John Murray explained that automated blacks from attack drones were very difficult to stop if the final decision is made by a person.

To defend such an attack was not impossible, but much harder. Therefore, those responsible in the US Department of Defense had to discuss how many human interventions in Ki-cleaned militar technology was necessary.

Hitman as people?

Murray made the statements during a webinar of the Think Tank Center for Strategic and International Studies. "If you defend yourself against a drone swarm, a person may have to make the first decision, but I’m not sure if at all of some person could keep up", He therefore explained and asked: "How many people have to be involved at all when it comes to non-dead decisions?" In order to demonstrate the performance of the algorithms, he still satisfied that it would be considered sufficient for soldiers if they properly divided more than 80 percent of the images of armored vehicles during a reaction test. A Ki got here with a roughly applied test between 98 and 99 percent.

With the statements, Murray refers to a currently conducted debate, which is probably spat. Thus, the youngest war between Armenia and Azerbaijan was apparently decided by the use of Kamikaze drones. As the US Magazine Forbes writes, there were already pre-managers from drone-swarms Militar from hundreds of hundreds, such from thousands of drones are foreseeable. The US Navy is therefore researching how to defend themselves against blacks from millions of drones. This was allowed to explain why Murray ames that defenders who have to wait for people who had to wait for such blackmen did not grow up. Meanwhile, the European Parliament had requested only a few days ago that people at KI-trimmed weapons always have to take a significant control.

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