Uk on the way to the knowledge society

Tony Blair wants to dramatically increase the number of students

Decided Tony Blair’s Great Britain wants to rebuild into a knowledge society. Prerequisite for this is a good training system. The class strong in the schools should be reduced, all schools with computers and access to the network and also all teachers have their own computer and internet access. The schools should have a coarse autonomy, become more flexible in their lessons planning and also experts with high content of subeat as a kind "Super teacher" can be adjusted, which also teach the teachers in addition to the schoolers. Now he knew another step: at least half of all young people under 30 is said to go through a university education

At least this goal to be achieved within the next eight years will be included in the next election program as part of the long-term strategy to transform the Bobbank into a knowledge society through a high level of training of the population.

The 33 percent of the school breakers in England before the 21. Year of life directly on a university, seven more percent begin the university education aged between 21 and 25 years. In 1960, only 5 percent of all school leaks ran through a higher education. It is amed that the present student numbers have increased by at least one quarter to achieve the ambitious goal.

However, Blair does not suggest that there are absolutely universities to be built, rather the existing universities should look for a look at how they can take a coarse number of students. Above all, it’s about career-friendly courses with teaching units for "Part-time students" set up. Uberdies are invited to the students more flexibility and more practical experience.

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