Two cheap navis in the clinch

Two cheap navis in the clinch

Hair, 28. January 2008 – Mobile navigation gates are in the unrestrained slip: Always gunstiger become the electronic strain allocation. If the 200 Euro brand did not seem short recently, then Navis for 150 euros, yes for 100 euros in the market. We have tested two of these finally advised for them to find out if they offer the most important functions.

149 and 100 euros

The company Kramer from Reutlingen fell on the radio fair IFA in autumn 2007 by a new MobilNavi: the RC-3. It costs in the tested version for Germany, Austria and Switzerland 149 euros. Alternatively, there is a Western Europe variant for 169 and a European version for 199 euros. The Navgear StreetMate GP-35 is planned for even deeper, which can be ordered via the electronics mail order handler Pearl. The StreetMate is available in the variant of us with Germany cards for 100 euros. The version for Germany, Austria and Switzerland costs 115 euros here, the Western Europe Management 150 and the European version 170 Euro.

Chubby and rubbery

"Rock-Bottom Cheap" are both devices. The first impression after unpacking is still quite different: The Kramer RC-3 is the chubby navi that we have seen so far. Where the narrowest gates are now Dunner as two centimeters, it brings the Kramer-Hause to pounded 5.5 centimeters. The Navgear StreetMate is clearly contemporary in this regard with about 2.5 centimeters. Here the rubber-like surface, which is not cleaned in all places. Both devices are erupted with the widely used 3.5-inch displays widely used in the entry-level class. The good equipment of both NAVIS on: In the Kramer RC-3, a USB cable and even a power charger is supplied next to the car system cable. Navgear lacks the power charger; You can recharge the device but at least the USB interface of the computer. Both suction cup brackets are remarkably robust and keep well on the windscreen. The attachment in the holder requires some fumbling.

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