Twitter: soon also “with apple” possible

Twitter: soon also'mit apple anmelden' moglich'mit apple anmelden' moglich

Twitter plans as one of the coarse Social Networks Arts Apple’s Login Service "With Apple" offer. The function to which there has been shown for several weeks, is already included in the beta version of the app for iOS, as tester announcing. However, the backend does not seem to be complete: If a new Twitter account is created in this way, currently the deposited e-mail address can not be changed. Even alternative Twitter clients and other services that facilitate the work with the short message service are initially unusable because they continue to query a password "With Apple" but only not generated.

No passwords and e-mail addresses more

The login service had been announced in the summer of 2019. The in English too "Sign in with Apple" mentioned function is attached to the Apple ID, which each Apple customer has always been bound for services from Apple Music Uber iCloud to iMessage,. The comparison of the access data is made via Apple’s server. An e-mail forward service is also an e-mail forward service as an additional goodie – so you do not have to specify its real e-mail address for new services, instead a respective own from Apple’s server is generated.

Combination with Google login

Apple makes his login service quasi to duty: As soon as an app provider also offers crop Internet cores such as Facebook or Google, the Apple service must be implemented. A corresponding deadline was already in the early 2020. Twitter Combined "With Apple" In his youngest iOS beta with another service – Google. Accordingly, the short message service had to become apparently tatig. It is to be expected that problems such as the lack of possibility, deposited data with such a account to change, is possible.

More Twitter innovations for iPhone users

Twitter had only recently tested a new feature for up and down votes. This stands "Some users" available. as "Dislocation"-Feature for Tweets, however, the company does not want to know the new idea; not concretely explained, why this is so. Furthermore experimenting with a new timeline view, which offers a borderless look.

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