Twin research: on the way in the subaru trezia

Twin research: on the way in the subaru trezia

Hair, 26. July 2011 – Not that Subaru was offering models with four-wheel drive models: the Impreza is still standing as Active F in the price list, which saves the buyer almost 2000 euros, but not the question of why he should buy a car with front-wheel drive that is actually consistent was designed on four-wheel. It is slightly different with the new Trezia: he is virtually identical with the Toyota Verso-S, the differences restrain themselves largely on optics and compilation of the equipment. So almost only taste ies can decide between these two, or the question of which handler is more inclined. We have driven the Trezia with the preserved 1.4-liter diesel.

Solid impression

At the opening of the driver falls on the first moment, how easily the doors is. This has its good reason: Subaru emphasizes that the Trezia is the lightest vehicle in its class. In fact, there are good 200 kilos less than at the Kia Venga and even 60 less than the Verso-S. The interior and the cockpit do not wait with unpleasant surprises, rough and well-placed switches facilitate the operation. Also pleasant are the highly located shift lever and the increased seating position. However, the leg rest was allowed to be a long one. Significant criticism must have fallen the material appearance: If several plastics with different haptics and partially storing smell are applied, especially the turver clothes are also very scratch-sensitive. Overall, a homely ambience should be created with little effort by the manufacturer, and be it, for example, only by chromed TuroFno.

Room ride

Pluses collects the Subaru Trezia with its space. Two adults are housed on the Ruckbank. Particularly practical is the trunk. He normally offers a volume of 363 liters, which enhances by simply transferring the jerk laths to 1388 liters. The transformation to a flat flat surface can also be made via practical train levers on the trunk disk. However, they hardly dare to draw strongly on the plastic handles, more stable metal were clearly better here.

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