Trump throws cruz election manipulation

Sanders do not look out, let me survive – Paul and Santorum give up

Donald Trump has accused Ted Cruz, to have won the preamections in Iowa through manipulation. Background of this reproach are reports according to which Cruz electoral helpers, who actually wanted to vote for the black NeuroChurgeons Ben Carson, were convinced that this exudes from the race. Carson – A convinced seventh day Adventist says above all religious Wahler to the Tea Party Texan Cruz buush.

The Cruz electoral helpers had allegedly confessed their assertion that Carson had confessed himself in the election night not to fly in the next regional election state New Hampshire, but home to Florida. The applicant who better predicted section than in the surveys in Iowa with 9.3 votes, explained the Father that he fetches fresh wash at home and then continued to travel to New Hampshire.

Whether Cruz trend, which spread the exit argument, knew or whether it was actually aming that the Adventist gives up, is not clear and is probably difficult to find out. Nevertheless, Trump calls for a disqualification of Cruz or a repetition of the choice and raises its rival, the victory "stolen" to have.

Cruz revosched in a campaign speech in New Hampshire with the remark, Trump doing with losing very difficult and is known for his "Trumper tantrum" (Trotsome). If the Americans said the million-known billionar, then they could not be sure if they do not wake up one morning and find that he danemark "Genuked" Has. Who has a temper like Trump, with the at the red button the country is not safe. Of course, Trump’s fans see that different: one of them has him because of his "Peace-through-strong"-Embassy just suggested at the Nobel Prize Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The accusation of closing too loose with an atomic weapon’s use has also been charged against Cruz in recent months after he said he wanted to find out in the Is-Terror Califat "Whether sand smiles". In a television debate, however, he realized that he had only conventional flat bombardements, but no atomic bombing.

The mistrust of the Texan in Trump as a security officer also seems to be limited to the prasidens and the red button: Cruz had namely, Cruz had namely, he would commission the eccentricly friendly real estate icoon with the expansion of border fixtures to Mexico when he becomes prasident. As insofar as the moving movement, when the wall was the most effective advertising message to Mexico Trumps, which he had in-depth.

Santorum recommends Rubio

Instead of Carson, the Republicans rose after the evangelical Mike Huckabee (which still took his hat in the election night) the Libertar influenced Senator Rand Paul and the fundamentalist Catholic Rick Santorum. Rand Paul had come to four and a half percent of the votes in Iowa – sixteen and a half percent less than his father Ron Paul had reached there four years ago. For Santorum, who won the Federal State of 25 percent share in 2012, this time only one percent of the preliminary cycles.

Santorum recommended his appendants in his exit wet, to vote for the Marco Rubio third-placed in Iowa with 23.1 percent, to which the Republican Establishment is now setting. Also by Chris Christie, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush, who came in Iowa to 1.8, 1.9, 1.9 and 2.8 percent of the votes, will be a recommendation for one of the upcoming premises Rubio expected.

Trump throws Cruz election manipulation

Popular for humzurfe: The quarter

In the Democrats, where the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was so scarce that reports made over brief decisions, the very short-minded party senator has not excluded the result, which referred to six decisions for Clinton, the Via Munzwurf fell. So far, it is not yet clear if it was indeed a very unusual gland in the game, the Clinton helped victory because because of the complicated rules in the above 1.600 Caucus polling stokers are not clear how many murmures there was over.

Even in the Town Hall discussion transmitted by CNN, Sanders (which emphasizes in the debates before, and, for example, refused to discuss CLINTONS e-mail affare because there is its view of more important topics) something aggressive and reminded of the dubious wall-street contacts of his competitor. They could answer questions only conditionally and thought they did not know if one of their speeches for Goldman Sachs really 675.000 Dollar was worth – one offered her and she took it.

Even with audience ies for your "Yes" For Iraq war, she escaped into phrases and tried flying theme change. The area code in New Hampshire is very likely to lose her because Sanders Vermont is very popular in the neighboring state of his homeland and significantly leads to surveys. It will be more exciting in Nevada, where Clinton was in the last survey with 47 to 43 in front.

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