Trump receives british prime minister theresa may as a first state visit

Trump receives British Prime Minister Theresa May as a first state visit

The Oval Office 1984. Photo: Weibe house

Nigel Farage believes that a trade agreement between the United Konigreich and the United States could be completed within 90 days of exit from the EU

On Friday, the new US Prassident Donald Trump was sworn away. In the next few days, the congress will confirm his cabinet. Already before, Trump relies a decree that allows a suspension of Obamacare health insurance legislation when private individuals, companies or territorial corporations could result in financial damage or other overthrown. In addition, Trump brought a busted of Winston Churchill into the Oval Office Back, which dears his transaction Barack Obama 2009 Watchroom.

As the first state visit, the British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected in the coming Friday. The two leaders want to speak, among other things, for preparations for a new bilateral trade agreement, the Rustungsesatats of NATO-Lander and the fight against the terrorist organization IS.

Journey to golf

According to the Telegraph, Trump has planned a return visit to the Great Britain for the summer, where he liked to play a round of golf on the closed nine-hole place near Balmoral. Prototype for this is the newspaper Ronald Reagan a lot of photographed ride with the English Konigin 35 years ago. In addition, the Churchill worshiper had a dinner at the Blenheim Palace, the birthplace Sir Winstons, taking himself from the British Aufemister Boris Johnson by the war bunker of the former Prime Minister.

Special relationship

At the beginning of the history of the USA, the former motherland, of which the 13 colonies were first lost through a very bloody war, long as a rocky one who made regularly US vessels and trailed the crews because he considered these as British subjects. Only after the war of 1812, the ratio relaxed slowly and successfully developed to a bond that resulted in the USA Gobritain in 20. Century in two world wars to victory.

After the Second of these victories, the US was a superpower, while the British Empire deserted and a largely colonieloses United Kingdom from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for severe structural change problems in the mid-1970s sought his salvation in the European Economic Community. At the referendum on 23. June 2016, the majority of the Wahler was exhausted after four years of experience in the structure and agreed for an exit, which the Tory Prime Minister Theresa May wants to negotiate in the next two years.

In a fundamental talk to you all last week, your country will use the farewell to the EU as an opportunity and "hug the world", by closing trade agreements with the US and other countries. Donald Trump had previously announced that he holds the Brexit for a good thing and standing opposite such a trade agreement.

"Informal ambassador" FARANCE OPTIMID

According to now as a commentator for the US news transmitter Fox News, according to former UKIP Chairman Nigel Farage, a trade agreement between the United Konigreich and the USA has already been closed within 90 days after an exit from the EU. Farange, which gave up the UKIP chairman after the Brexit decision, he has reached his goal, entered the US election campaign as a speaker for Trump and is considered its narrower familiar, which is why it is given more weight than those of the Expert television experts for politics.

Parliament members who want to prevent the exit from the EU mentioned by Farage as a prior event of a trade agreement, find themselves above all in the parties, which are very clear in the minority, which is why a blockade of popular will through that in the Westminster Parliament, such as you Media propagate, a rather far-reached scenario is (which is visible, among other things, that even the grunes with exactly one deputy in the plural as part of this blockade-"Network" highlight). The majority of 448 to 75 votes, with which the Parliament approved by the inclusion of Brexit negotiations, also shows that even the far most Labor deputies is clear that a vote explicitly opposed to the burger will not well arrive well in the constituency. Meanwhile, John McDonnell, the Labor Party Shadow Treasury, praises the Brexit as "enormous chance".

Mexican prasident comes on 31. January

Already in the 1980s, the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher maintained a narrow ratio to the American Reagan administration, with whom they shared economic ideas. To this special relationship, Trump wants to telegraph according to which he is allegedly from May as "His Maggie" speaks. The informant of the British newspaper after the question arises, "Whether he can be a Ronnie for her?"

No role model can be seen on both sides of the Atlantic in the relationship of the laborator-"Puddle" Tony Blair to the former US Prassident George W. Bush. Blair followed Bush’s intervention decisions without hesitation without having to comply with his political diligence, as the Chilcot report officially confirmed in the last year (cf. Chilcot report sets Blair under prere). A repetition of this constellation under Trump and May shall be considered less likely to be less likely than the US prasident does not originate from the Neoocon camp of its party and in the election campaign thus was to be far less open-minded as its democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, the In Syria an open conflict with Russia wanted to risk.

As a second foreign state guest, Trump wants to say his press spokesman Sean Spicer on 31. January receiving the Mexican prassident Enrique Pena Nieto. As a talk topics, the Free Trade Agreement has reached NAFTA (which allows US companies allowed to produce in Mexico and to introduce duty free to the US) and the wall, with the Trump on the border to Mexico, wants to scare the illegal immigration. Trump had insured several times in the election campaign, Mexico will pay this building, which Pena Nieto publicly denied.

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