Tourism in covid times

Tourism in Covid times

Image: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

One "Heavy industry" in Lockdown

While the news about holiday rivers over Easter after Mallorca dominate the headlines, the Greek Tourism Ministry celebrates its successes. Turkey advertises tourists from the Brexit Island. These should also travel to Turkey without vaccination for the holidays.

Strong losses for tourist companies

For the sadial states of Europe and the Mediterranean, it is about survival. The pandemic and the associated starting notice, lockdowns and travel coatings have fought the economy. For Lander like Greece, tourism is a heavy industry. How much Covid-19 has forced the tourism industry into the knees shows an impressive statistics from Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus is a year-round tourist destination. Already in early January, the government pulled up. About the press office, a comparison statistics for tourism was published. Accordingly, the island lost over the whole year, through the pandemic 84.1 percent of the tourists.

Table 1
Arriving of tourists in December
Country of origin 2018 2019 2020 Change 2020/19
United Kingdom 32.065 33.401 2.977 -91.1%
Greece 15.807 10.524 2.755 -73.8%
Germany 6.096 4.501 844 -81.2%
Other 52.595 61.904 3.106 -95.0%
All in all 106.563 110.330 9.682 -91.2%
Arriving from tourists January to December
Country of origin 2018 2019 2020 Change 2020/19
United Kingdom 1.327.805 1.330.635 228.047 -82.9%
Greece 186.370 171.512 62.788 -63.4%
Germany 189.200 151.500 60.430 -60.1%
Other 2.235.250 2.323.130 280.344 -87.9%
All in all 3.938.625 3.976.777 631.609 -84.1%

Spain also complains of eighty percent less tourists compared to 2019. In the same order of magnitude, at around seventy percent, the loss moves in Turkey. In this respect, the detailed statistics from Cyprus is quite representative of the entire situation.

Cyprus statistics provide additional key figures. Because not every entry by vacation plane serves the tourist recovery. Another statistic provides information about that the purpose of entry has changed. Professional travel and relatives are now in the foreground.

Table 2
Purpose of Travel Dec. 18 Dec. 19 Dec. 20
holidays 51.1% 53.3% 25.6%
Visit of friends and relatives 36.9% 32.3% 51.8%
Professional travel 11.9% 14.2% 22.6%

The Greek state TV station Engraving In the Monday evening, his viewers informed in a report that around 38 percent of the gastronomy companies are in front of the bankruptcy. The fact that the companies have not yet been closed is the report on the fact that they are flowed at runtime due to Lockdown.

Starkoche with own local came in the broadcast to speak. Also you are banging about the bare survival. More than three-story percent of the workplaces in the industry should be immediate.

With the domestic demand alone, this crisis can not be deterted. For the Greeks, who otherwise welcome a tavern and a restaurant, have hardly any money because of the economic impact of the pandemic. In Spain, the situation is similarly dramatic. Even there hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs.

As in Greece, an escalation of the job crisis is threatened in tourism in Spain when the current short-time jobs expire. Holiday islands like Mallorca in Spain, but also Paros in Greece threatens the impoverishment of the entire population if there is no more revenue from tourism.

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