Too much nox: daimler stops selling truck engine

Daimler has dripped the distribution of a six-cylinder truck engine abroad due to striking exhaust measurements abroad. In certain operations, the limit value for nitric oxides (NOx) had been exceeded. That had found Daimler at internal controls, explained a speaker of the commercial vehicle division.

Daimler have already reported the results at the end of June to the Federal Office (KBA). "Until the clarification of the technical question, the company decided not to deliver this engine no longer to be delivered". By 2013, the engine with the internal name OM501 was also sold in Europe in the model Actros.

First Picture on Sunday reported on the sales stop. Daimler now wants to clear along with the KBA a function of the vehicle diagnostic system, which controls the exhaust gas purification in driving operation, prevent possible ammonia slip and inform the driver about malfunctions. It should not be a so-called shutdown device, says Daimler.

Because of the Federal Ministry of Transport inadmissible shutdown facilities in car models Daimler had to be 238.000, Europe-wide 774.Route 000 different diesel models. At Daimler, although the exhaust aftertreatment in these vehicles is called all regulations, but a software update should be recorded before clarification of alleging. The problems in defining a shutdown can be informed in detail in this story.

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