If someone in the 1970s randomly liked a black hole and reappeared in 2014, he had probably massive difficulties in today’s time. Internet and smartphones determine our lives – with one but they were absolutely familiar, at least if he was driving motorcycle: the Moto Guzzi v7.

Other manufacturers try desperately design motorrader in retro design, Moto Guzzi does not have the notification: their V7 has not changed in principle since 1971. Good, some details had to bow to the dictation of modernity, it has, for example, on disc instead of drum brakes and the cylinders are filled by an injection and no longer of carburettors. But otherwise the vintage 2014 of the V7 could go through as a vintage car. The framework in its mab is, in fact, mostly largely with the UR framework, which once became emerging from the legendary Moto Guzzi engineer Lino Tonti. The engine still sees his ancestor besy, even if the displacement shrank by four on 744 cubic centimeters. The technical basis has not changed, it remains in the long-installed 90-degree V2 engine. Why four valves per cylinder? Two rang for the gas exchange. And why water boiler, where there is everywhere?

At Moto Guzzi tick the watches differently

What is new on the current model year of the V7? The alternator received a lid of metal and there are two new colors on offer. For Moto Guzzi conditions, this is almost revolutionary innovations. In Mandello del Lario at the idyllic shore of the Como Lake tick the clocks differently. Carlo Guzzi began to build Motorrader here in 1921 and the brand took a lot of victories and world championships over the next few decades. Since today you do not have to run every fashion trend today to successfully sell motorrader with the typical laterally protruding cylinders.

The V7 is equally in three versions available: The entry-level model Stone is already available for 7990 euros, which with two-color paint and wire dock gases bolted Special for 8690 euros, and as a real eye-catcher the racers with many loving details for 9790 Euro.

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