Three dubious diesel

Three dubious diesel

Berlin / Bern, 16. December 2015 – how good that we can compare! That told himself the research team of the magazine ZDF Frontal 21. The editors got three used cars with diesel engine: a VW Passat 2.0 TDI Variant, Escorted with the EA189 including the preamble detection software snapped by the manufacturer. To do this, a BMW 320D Touring and a Mercedes C200T CDI.

The project of ZDF Frontal 21: The three German diesel cars should show on a laboratory support whether they comply with the legal limit values in the health nitrogen oxide emissions. Subsequently, so the plan, the same cycle – the usual NEFZ – should be re-driven on a public strain, with emissions with a PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) should be raised.

An idea whose implementation was extremely difficult: In Germany, there was no organization ready for an independent Meng. Thus, the actors turned out to Switzerland, according to Bern to the exhaust imposition of the University of Applied Sciences. The detailed results are heise cars before and can be viewed here.

On the prudent status all specifications are complied with

As expected, all three diesel cars stopped the limits for nitrogen oxide emissions on the laboratory support in the NEFZ. The prouflows were certified according to Euro 5, so had to fall below 180 mg / km. And they did successful: the Volkswagen came to 127 mg / km; The BMW and the Mercedes emitted 154 mg / km each.

Also measured were CO2 emissions – for this later.

The framework conditions of the test are important for the meaning: so the NEFZ was measured in the definition "cold". This means that the motors and the exhaust strand were not went warm. However, the NEFZ "cold" must not be confused with a start at a frosty winter morning. There was 25 degrees in the Laborgarages, and there were the vehicles overnight, which is called in Jargon pre-conditioning and meets the legal requirements.

The same drivers in the same cars from the computer have controlled the same cycle – only outside the lab.

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