The world as a hologram

The world as a hologram

Let’s live in a holographic projection?

That the physicists have to think more complicated theories may perhaps be because we perceive the world more complex than it is

Simple answers – then man likes to seek particularly in difficult times. Whether you are now "42" ring, "God" or "Merkel is to blame", You have a special charm, which also physicists can not. And you have to admit that just the physicists have every right to the world to look for easy answers. Finally, your science becomes more complex from year to year.

The more precisely the physicists (the author is one) to consider our world, the more dimensions you need to describe them perfectly. First, three ranged, with general relativity theory, there were already four. This was done well for a few years, until it became clear that neither relativity nor quantum theory can complete the universe completely.

Ignore expectation and imagination

A way out the string theories offered with their first ten, then eleven and finally up to 21 dimensions. Of course, one can seriously imagine that the additional dimensions are so tightly folded that man does not perceive them. Mathematically, however, there is a lot of that.

But that you can expect, however, has already done in quantum theory that you ignore the lack of imagination and exactly what theories are there to calculate things on their basis and then to resolve whether forecast and reality are voting in?"Shut Up and Calculate"To).

But moreover, the faible reality is only a complex illusion – a holographic projection of a much simple realitat? This refreshing concept trying to use researchers in holographic cosmology. The hologram on your EC card, for example, it looks three-dimensional – and is just stored in two dimensions.

That "Holographic principle"

If you march with a VR glasses through impressive virtual landscapes, you will see a three-dimensional room – but this is clamped by two flat screens in front of your eyes. Generally, one refers to the "Holographic principle" a connection between a room structure and their equivalent on a flat.

The principle can be used, for example, to loose the information paradox of the black hole, which violated the determinism, a fundamental principle of quantum theory. If we have a complete description of all properties of an object at a certain time, we would therefore have to find out how it behaves shortly before.

However, if this information was destroyed – and that’s exactly what Stephen Hawking followed, happens in the black hole – is not possible anymore. Unless the information was somehow coded in the flat of the event horizon. Thus, the room equivalents had never been anything other than holograms before.

Maybe we can imagine the universe as the interior of a huge black hole, on whose event horizon the reality takes place in the flat, the rest is illusion. But if that is so, there must be a projection mechanism: Multi-dimensional theories have to leave in low-dimensional overfors (or vice versa), without something lost.

Holographic theories

For a long time, this was only proven for negatively crumpled rooms, since 2015, it was worn that it is possible in our almost flat universe. A study in the Physical Review Letters is still one step further: The authors have used various holographic quantum field theories (three-dimensional, ie a dimension reduced) in simulations on the early space shortly after the big bang, in which parameters then which properties come out of the cosmos.

In fact, some of the holographic theories are not worse for describing as the standard model of cosmology (λ CDM). The theories of well-found theories also predict the anomalies of the cosmic background radiation.

Of course, this is not a proof that we live in a holographic universe. The researchers have to prove that the small vitility of the underlying quantum theories will also become clear in the room. That’s how the room itself should become out of focus in the very smallest dimensions. This should, for example, show the holometer of the Fermi-Lab with quantities.

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