The us policy is danger than that of iran

According to an international survey, the reputation of the US has fallen, from the American war against terrorism, with the exception of India and Nigeria, fewer people are convinced

According to a recent survey of the Pew Research Center, the reputation of the US continues to decline worldwide. According to the international survey of the PEW Global Attitudes Project, which was carried out in 2001 for the first time and this time 15.000 people in 15 nations, however, stands out: In addition to Nigeria and Pakistan, the Certification of the USA has also grown in China (but not always surveys have been carried out in all countries). In most countries, US Prasident Bush has playfully played personal, even in the US, the confidence is always lowering. On the other hand, the reputation of other countries in the US, U.a. Also that of Germany.

Even people in Japan, a closer of the USA also in the Iraq war, are more and less convinced by American politics. Even with the Indians, the positive opinion. The Russians have apparently lost faith in the US since last year, but the opinion of the former archenemon is variable here from year to year. Not even the aid services after the tsunami in Indonesia can have something to change the position of people there.

In the Great Britain, it is still sufficiently solidarity, 56% say here, they had a good opinion of the USA, 2000 it was 83% after a survey of the US Department of Aufs. Since 2002, with low fluctuations, the appreciation decreases. In France, only 39% have a positive attitude to the US, in Germany there are 37%, a depression. 2000 it was still 78%. Particularly smacked is the creation in Spain. Here are just 23% the USA for good. And it is very bad about the US image in Turkey.

It is about the same opinion about Iran in the West and in Japan near the same opinion. People do not want the country to grow up with atomic weapons. However, the Islamic countries have less concerns. The Pakistans where the US could score are even in the majority that Iran has nuclear weapons. Otherwise, the strategy of the US government is working opposite to Iran, especially since they are also supported by many western countries. Almost half of the Americans see in Iran a rough danger for the region and world peace, and the Germans are even 51%, 2003 it was only 18%.

The Iraq war has, so say the PEW researchers, the reputation of the US, but actually the US government, most damaged. That this and the entire war against terrorism has made the world safer, as you have to preach in Washington meanwhile necessary, are convincing less and fewer people. Only in Pakistan (30%) and in India (65%) more people invited as early to the American war against terrorism. Majorities in 10 countries think that the Iraq war has made the world of danger. In the US, at least 51% are the opposite. Even in Nigeria and India, more than 40% more people say that the world has become safer than that they are the opposite opinion.

Interesting is that most people North Korea for a low risk for world peace. An exception is Japan. Much more the USA in Iraq for a threat to see. Even in the UK, more people will find this more threatening than Iran, in the western countries this is clear in Germany. With concern, however, many consider the Israeli-palatinean conflict as a worrying. In fact, the solution of the conflict has been grinding since 2001, although he is one of the roots of the opposite problems and, of course, especially of terrorism.

In the Islamic countries one thinks that the election victory of Hamas for the Palasticians is good. In the western countries, but also in India or Nigeria, one is not the conviction. Even more negative than in the US, people in France and especially in Germany see the victory of Islamists. Here is 71% that this will damage the palatinians. Of course, in the Islamic countries, one is also amongwhile for the Palastians. In the US, a little amazing, rather for Israel (48 VS. 13%). In the European countries, more people tend to be the palace students as Israel in the UK. In Germany, for example, 37% per Israel and only 18% for the Palastians are.

Amazing – or maybe not? – is that people from the two countries that outsource the most greenhouse gases seem to worry about the climate warming and their consequences: people from the USA and China. People from the US are spoiled with 47% far at the top with the opinion that they are not a little or not at all. Pakistan consequences of this opinion with 39%, Chinese with the 37%, but then the Germans come with 36%.

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