The upper limit for (dead) women’s hatred is reached

The upper limit for (dead) women's hatred is reached

Why make the left to make the right to capers feminism

Even criminologist Christian Pfeiffer has to admit it now: Young manners who immigrated from Muslim, Muslim, or countries with a Muslim majority, are a problem. A problem in terms of (small) criminality, but also in terms of public safety – especially those of women. Of course not every single one, but many. Too many.

And almost always these are (young) men from the fundamental Islamic milieu, from the accessible communities or in a short time as asylum seekers came to Germany.

The entertainment of this bad news ends for the conversations – not only, but especially in left and anti-fascist together – often as once in antiquity: Although they are not knocked up, but species, insulted, insulted and defamed. During the right scene these bad news only too much.

The episode is as simple as devastating: Women Fuhlen with their hats left alone, not only that, but they become as "Racist" It has been evident with some of the victims of the surpasses in the Silvestern Night 2015/16, which do not conceal the ethnic origin of the tatter, and become progressive for the propaganda right-hand groupings.

Current example for this is the for the 17.2.2018 Confirmed "March of women" to the chancellor’s office organized by the Afdler Leyla Bilge and delighted coarse infection of feminists.

Leyla Bilge wants to ask the Chancellor, "against the sexual surprises and murders of women, against childhouses, but also against freedom betraying, against a compulsive compulsion and against the forced cuffs to defenseless children. We are here in Germany in 21. Century, there must be no jerking in the Middle Ages and creeping introduction of the Sharia.."

Although the chancellor’s office is currently unoccupied, the federal supplier, who resides otherwise, is desperate to find anyone who or the ready to govern the land with her.

We’re done

What we were at the actual core of the problem: Germany is opposite to the presumably large political crisis since the legislation of the Federal Republic, the party system has turned off, the parties, in particular the SPD, were annited in this process, the parliamentary democracy is in the end. Since there is no advanced or even left, z. B. Base democratic counteracts gives, the AFD of this power vacuum.

During the left / left on the AFD stares like the rabbit on the snake. In the youngest past, Left and advanced organizations and their protagonists and words worked with a non-insignificant part of the population inconspicuous than "Racialist" or even "Nazis" to insult, to make fun of their economic problems and hurting and doing no opportunity to give the AFD attention.

During Berlin, arrangements for a Jamaica coalition (CDU / CSU / FDP / grune) were taken, probably unsocircing government, as long as the AFD is not as a coalition partner to the debate, with far-reaching consequences just for women, z. B. The softening of the retail law required by the FDP, the left and antifa did not do anything better than to organize protests against the AFD party congress.

Unfortunately, at the time, the AFD was already a democratically chosen parliamentary party, which is able to complain completely legitimate the right to unhindered exporting their democratic rights, to which undoubtedly also a federal party convention can complain.

That it could come so far, that together also contributed to those associated, which are not mude to put the AFD in the focus of their political activities. When the Volkskorn in Pegida’s rise expedes and the formation of an organized representation of this national crescicle, today’s AfD, labeled, and representatives and representatives of this movement became invited to all talk shows, have been torn to Left / Linke, especially with which can be discussed.

Because they "it wanted to show it right". This is only blodder to today never succeeded. On the contrary, the party prominence, Z. B. Sahra Wagnknecht, has – in her trap despite its rhetorical brilliance – ramponed by these appearances only their own watch. Also in your own party, as far as.

For the converted rhetoric of a Frauke Petry could counteract the counterparties of the left and liberal parties and organizations nothing and to the dull racism of a Beatrix of Storch or Alexander Gauland, they simply did not notice them. However, what also relates to that of Petry, Storch or Gaul’s ies have been set as consistently as wrong as wrong – and become. In the end, the AFD was able to put the media topics for more than a year.

Antifa as AFD PR department

There was a period of time that reaches into the present, in the progressive force inadvertently, but full of ELAN for the PR department of the AFD sweep. Every misschinated or open racist spell of each AFD hinterbanker was hunted by all the social networks, fried and shared, and thus received a range that the AfD had never received otherwise. Wherever the AFD built a stand, the protest was not far away. And thus the desired publicity.

A very simple example: an AFD info level in the Fubgangerzone. This attracts part of the population of interest, a part that the "Critical dialogue" looking for a part that wants to get rid of your displeasure about the occurrence of the party. The coarse part of the Passanstren and passers-by cares for this infostant – no matter which party – to ignore.

Until the location Antifa is released or the link youth solid or even alter semesters surround the stand or z. B. Fencing with colorful flutter. The entertainment becomes louder, it comes to verbal, possibly even tough attacks, a pulk of curious collects. Finally, the police are called and the local media thrusts. Or someone makes shots with the phone, she sends her to those and these reports about it. The steep template for the AFD to stylize himself to the victim.

A successful action will be the Antifa afterwards. Yes, for the AFD! When please report media otherwise on the infostant of parties in Fubgangerzonen?

During the entire anti-AfD election campaign, which continues to date, there were no practicable proposals, as the social problems in this country can be sustainably solved, not by the party the left, there was neither protest against the emerging Jamaica Coalition, still there is now resistance to the new edition of the Groko. On the contrary, it almost seems, as if the left spectrum was inelectously the left more afraid of the delay of SPD and CDU, as before the continuation of their uncoal politics.

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