The ukrainians are warmous

According to a PEW survey, a majority of Germans, Italians and French did not want to send troops to support a neighbor of Russia at a serious conflict

While the governments of NATO-Lander have conceded to increase their militar expenditure and to protect the NATO countries bordering in Russia, which should be militarian, which should be done by the NATO spearhead and demonstrated with numerous military deubs, the rulers are rather rather rather. According to a PEW survey, a majority of Germans, Italians and French did not want to send troops to support a neighbor of Russia at a serious conflict. Article 5, NATO Assistance Commitment, had no validity for her.

With 34 percent, this even says a third of Poland, with 48 percent not even half of the posting of troops to a threatened NATO country. 70 percent of Poland, however, see Russia as a threat to neighboring countries, in the other states it is 49 percent, 57 percent (vs. 37%) Russia is responsible for violence in Eastern Ukraine, 49 percent (vs. 25%) require a compaction of the sanctions. Even in the US, only 43 percent Russia is responsible for violence in Eastern Ukraine.

And the NATO? It is still positively viewed in nearly two-thirds of people in the selected countries. In the US, it is only 49 percent, the Ukraine conflict, which was supposed to drove after the rulers into a joke of the transatlantic gang and NATO, has not changed to that, including practically not in Canada and Great Britain. In Poland, Spain, Italy and France, the support of NATO has risen between 2013 and 2015. In Germany, on the other hand, fewer people hold something of NATO. In 2009, 73 percent had a positive attitude. In 2013, this already fell to 59 percent, which the Germans enter the average, now it is only 55 percent. However, more than in the US and Spain, but with 57 percent most Germans are about a NATO membership of Ukraine – including the Italians are mostly against it. The Germans, French and Italians also reject an EU accession.

The Russians speak to the western countries and to 26 percent of Ukraine blamed the crisis. Many say in NATO countries, they did not know who is responsible, the western countries will blame only by a small minority, the Germans are here with 12 percent at the top. Less than 10 percent see Kiev in the responsibility, but at least 13 percent in the US and 14 percent in France. More responsibility is awarded to the Prorussian separatists (30% in France, 25% in Germany, 15% in the USA). Only 29 percent are responsible in Germany and Italy Russia, in Spain it is 37 percent, in the UK 40, in France 44, in the US 42 percent.

Rapide has fallen according to the PEW survey in Russia the appreciation of NATO, the USA, the EU and Germany after a highlight 2011. Amazing, but strangely not interpreted, is that in the NATO countries of 2012 and 2013 36 percent had a positive image of Russia, which crashed in 2014 to 19 percent, but again in 2015 rose to 25 percent (only in Canada and the Great Britain, the Value upwards further down, even in Poland she slightly rose to Russia and Putin). If Russia is better rated because of his behavior in Ukraine conflict, an indirect criticism of NATO policy or the support of Ukraine is? Do not attack the demonization anymore? In any case, the Russians continued to trust Putin both in his economic, as well as in his economic policy, to what extent people in the NATO States Obama, Merkel, Hollande etc. to trust.

Also in the UK (37%), Canada (36%) and the USA (37%), people are in a variety of Canada and the USA, there is a scarce majority for a posting of troops. In all of the eight NATO states, 42 percent say they are against posting of troops. 41 percent are looking forward to Ukraine for weapon deliveries, in Germany just 19 percent, including the Italians (22%) and Spaniards (25%) are very back. Especially the half of the Poland commitment of arms deliveries, in the USA (46%) and Canada (44%) there is no majority. As Pew turns out, Americans and Germany are far apart from each other, which concerns the ratio to Ukraine and Russia, but this also applies to the Italians.

It is interesting that with a PEW survey in Ukraine, apart from the "Folk republics" and the Crimea, two-thirds for EU membership, but only a little more than half of the house for a NATO accession (68% percent in West Ukraine, 34% in the Ostukraine). Even what arms supplies is concerned, the Ukrainians are not consecutive: In the West, only 66 percent of it looked out, in the East just 34 percent. Only 23 percent are for the path taken by the Ukrainian government to get the separatists militarically (even in the West only 31%, in the east only 13%), 47 percent are for negotiations (in the West also 40% and in the East even 56% ) What Kiev rejects so far, 19 percent can not decide.

It is clear, however, that the accession to the economic union with Russia is rejected by majority and that the rough majority is that Ukraine should remain a country. Only 10 percent speak out for this "Folk republics" the independence. Conversely, it is in Russia, here only 32 percent say that the Donbass should remain part of Ukraine, 35 percent are for independence, 24 percent for integration in Russia. At least especially Putin has not given this prere so far.

Not only because of the war you have to worry. 94 percent of the surveyed Ukrainians describe the economic situation of the country as bad, 66 percent as very bad. The government is not feeling well. 59 percent say they have a bad influence, 15 percent more than a year ago. Therefore, it is therefore that the government relies more and more to the Russian threat and the military conflict to put the people in Ukraine and the support. In the courts, the Ukrainians have no trust, even more in the media, which, however, also report very unilaterally, and especially in the militar (72%).

Dissatisfied people are mainly with head of government Jazenjuk (60%) and Poroshenko (43%). Poroshenko’s policy in the areas of economy, corruption, ratio to Russia and the military conflict, only with the EU relations with the EU, he finds a majority. Russia is the country that can be the least points in the Ukrainians, Germany is best gone, 77 percent have a positive view of Germany. Merkel receives more respect than Obama.

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