The tsipras merkel deal

The Tsipras Merkel Deal

Merkel and Tsipras at the EU summit in Bratislava, in September 2016. Photo: Andrej Klizan / Common-free, CC0 1.0

VAT discount for Greece as a price for the chancellor? A comment

At the escape and migration problem, a fundamental main problem of European politics manifests itself. Crowds and concerns the burger will respond verbally with opposed absorbance clarifications, values are summoned, forgetful promises.

The bazaar

In the end, all burgers, whether right or left, are settled and frustrated by their people’s representatives. Finally, the destiny of the protective seekers as on an oriental bazaar.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel wanted to give himself with a pan-European compromise in the escape question of air in the conflict with CSU boss and Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. It’s only partially succeeded. The Bavarian Union politician has implemented parts of the AFD agenda in its state with a view to the state elections in its state and raises the Chancellor in the same direction.

Merkel managed a corresponding communique of its European counterparts and / or bilateral and trilateral agreements with individual EU states, which relieve Germany in general cases and migrants.

Stressed border protection in Greece?

At the top of the heads of government of the European Union, no general, practicable agreement was achieved with regard to the reform of the European asylum law. The statements about a strong border protection through a further expansion of Frontex are on paper, but they were not concretized.

In Greece, it strolled that drones should also be used for border monitoring. At the national border with Turkey, this may still go. In the agais, however, often so strong winds prevail that even the manned Greek rescue helicopters have to fit.

Absorbance ….

In addition, there are with regard to the so-called regional prohibition platforms with which the "Fortress Europe" The migration problem at the expense of African and further third states stay away from remote, concerns about compatibility with international human rights conventions.

UNHCR UNHCR and the International Migration Organization IOM, which are both integrated into the new EU asylum policy, set conditions. To all overflow, the contented recording industry, Libya and Albania, already waved.

The joint explanation of the EU heads of government, which, in the opinion of the faction leader of the Grununen in the European Parliament, buried the right to asylum in Europe, undoubtedly shows that the EU is no longer interested in humanitarians in the age of populism. However, it is only a letter of intent in the present form.

… But tangible for the German Chancellor

The Chancellor, however, has negotiated something for her concerns tangible. Greece and Spain have become prepared to return in their countries registered escapeons that have managed to take it to the boundaries of Germany and Austria. Italy, the country, from which most of the most to Germany and Easter coming escape and immigrants come, is clearing against it.

According to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the special summit to the escape question in Brussel last Sunday, there are currently "No secondary trees of escape strings because the northern border is closed [to North Mazdonia]". Tsipras, however, has paid his commitment to the deal.

He is also under prere in the home country. Two members of the government coalition have their party, the independent Greeks, from protest because of the compromise in the name dispute with the North Macedonia mentioned former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Tsipras also needs tangible achievements as well as Merkel.

Tsipras: "Value added tax for islands exposed"

About Twitter, the Greek Premier reported that in return to his lending – to a betrayal of a betrayal at the once-summarized left ideals – the VAT would be suspended for the Greek Agais Islands affected by the Flying Crisis.

Tsipras described the incurred by him even in parliament ratified tax threat as extremely unfair. His departure from left dogmen Let Tsipras pay. Anyone who has also promised the compensation payments for the value-added tax discount?

At short notice, Merkel and Tsipras gain air with their bilateral agreement. In the long term, however, the burgers of both countries have to stand straight for the consequences. At home in Athens, Tsipras complains about inhumane EU colleagues in question the fundamental human rights.

The narrative of the early EU top candidate of the left is still on the left, but actually it has adapted the Merkelism. He drive from day to day in view through the fog swaths of the chaos, which he has done self. And he celebrates himself for his alleged successes. At least in this way, at least Greece and Germany agree at the current EU summit at least at government level.

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