The terrorist as a human bomb

To the risks of plastic explosive depots in the human body

There are sex bombs that explode in the eye of the beholder, but the consequences are rather vital than letal. In the strained search for ever surreal terrorist scenarios, however, a human bomb was discovered, which in the truest sense of the word has in itself. Man becomes a dead bomb himself. It is not about the rage that lets the burst, but about explosives, which is deposited in the human body, from its explosive determination only separated by meat and blood.

Terror experts like Harvey Kushner from the Long Island University here see an acute risk of terroral scalance, which is not easy to go counter. Even the bodyscanners used so far can be made mistaked by these suicide bombs. Vaginal is about three pounds C-4 plastic explosive, anal a pound of the dead dose transportable, says the prasident of the Public Safety Group Harvey McGorge. The body as a depot is a method that has been holding drug and diamond smuggles for years to transport the goods that are stuffed or implanted or implanted in a condom. The uneven explosive substance, which now excludes the latest terrifying pictures, could be seen in a variety of ways.

As a matter of principle, the exclusive mechanisms that consist of only a few metal components to minimize the discovery risks. The tinder can be remotely out of the radio or you set time to. The previously used scanner systems and metal detectors for passenger control can be tricked after segregation of the experts with these subcutaneous bombs. Even the holographic scanners developed by the Federal Aviation Authority are considered unsuitable, such "Human bombs" to discover. The image scanner used by Rapiscan work with ray beams, which can be placed under the clothes concealed objects, but too weak to penetrate through human tie. Also scanners working with magnetism or manufacturing hot images have their difficulties, so far "to drive under the skin", that the Tuckic sprinklets are discovered. Most of the technologies used are still on the times before the 11.September tailored as a professional hijacker wore pastily pistols and the suicide of the tatter was still considered Ultima ratio.

After all, there are now the "Conpass Digital Body Scanner", of the Dutch company MMC International, which aims to achieve further accurations, can also cause non-metallic objects in the body. MMC International also promotes the new wondernantiwaffe with a low dose of rontgen radiation that no health hazards for passengers were associated with. The American Energy Ministry is also present "Pacific Northwest National Laboratory" Working on a scanner whose wondrous properties are not available from safety reasons so far.

Fasting Your Seatbels, Stop Smoking, Last Safety Information: Do not hurt too much at your flight neighbor if it falls asleep. Otherwise your last flight could have been.

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