The tension between freedom and solidarity

The tension between freedom and solidarity

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How the Corona crisis is a old conflict of open society

For a long time, people in the Corona-Lockdown have held, followed in hard and stricting instructions of their governments of their governments obediently obedience, have become proclaimed "Bid of reason" flawed. But now we are experiencing increasing protests and demonstrations, explicitly submitted injuries of the statutory commandments and recently also sharp exercises against the balancing life of the pages of intellectuals.

So the Bonn philosopher Markus Gabriel writes on 20. Marz in the New Zurcher newspaper – relating to the thoughts Sir Karl Poppers to open society – that in democracies the state is too weak to meet the complexity of this global pandemic.

The state is surprised if he can live up to this complexity due to the above-up observed mails. Rather, you must be met by a complex, driven by the freedom of the individual burger and locally organized cooperation. In particular, it is about recognizing the limits of the predictability of consequences of central state decisions.

Watering of a long conflict

Must, according to Gabriel, the various, complex interlocking powers of the bourgeois society will be reduced to meet this crisis from our own strength and decision-making. Unlike the brauting dull jaws on "Transverse thinker"-Demos must be taken very seriously, because they speak weak our liberal and open society in view of this crisis.

But the conflict is even deeper: the Corona pandemic is basically nothing more than a long conflict of modernity, namely the fight between individual freedom and social solidarity. The need to protect our COVID 19 virus particularly threatened MITCHENBERGER is about question. But how strong may each individual burger and every single burger be affected by the maws for this protection? Here nothing else is reflected than the central question in an open society. For the underprivileged people of this society, the poor, sick and needs, needed and also needed before and after this pandemic our societal protection.

Popper’s principle of correctability

The most important ideas of the liberal and open society in the first half of the 20. Century, when the totalature fascism and ideologically bonded Soviet communism the open societies in Europe endangered, was Karl Popper. He formulated for an open society to today central thoughts: that every political decision in the potential falsehood of their underlying amptions, the possibility of unintentional and unfavorable consequences, last also the possible fatality and negativeity of their effects must be corrected. At the latest by the deselection of the responsible political decision-makers.

Ideal theories and totalitar Dogmen necessarily fail to the complexity of the social reality of our societies, so poppers central argument. This represents Markus Gabriel correctly and describes the implications of successful central conspiracies, as they are repeatedly claimed by the political dull jaws and bunched typesis.

But it will only be interesting if you concretely understood the over the current Corona crisis on the over 75-year-old and today in Universistine integer seminars of professional philosophy and politology. Here is the Pladoy of many rectangular political thinkers that the state – and above all the government with its centralist orders of lockdowns and massive restrictions of our freedom of movement and freedom of movement – can no longer meet the complexity of this crisis.

Therefore, they should do without such measures and to bring the burger back their freedoms. This requirement is not rarely supplemented by the burgers be far better in their reasoning, the crisis "from underneath" to master. Gabriel even goes so far to say that "The state alone in a liberal democracy no complex problems lost". He was "Even only part of society whose complexity can not be reduced to a monarchist or oligarchic peak".

Not without resubtion

The correctness of this statement is about question. However, in this context, it suggests the reality in this context that the governments in the Corona crisis are completely isolated in our Western democracies and operate without any re-coupling with all other parts of society. In fact, governments have reviewed and coordinated their decisions with very many different groups (scientists, economic functions, business representatives, decision makers on deeper political levels, lawyers). In addition, they have repeatedly reacted to recreational developments and thus just differently acted as oligarchic or monarchist government representatives who have to see their decisions in consideration of other circumstances not always reflected in public space reflected in public space.

For example, the Swiss government still has until November November of last year when the Corona figures were shot out in their country over any record mark and international benchmarks, the self-responsibility of their burgers and want to follow them – until it just went, for whom they looked at strong criticism in Germany and abroad due to their response to harder corona mails.

So completely flaps it did not shine with the sole reference to the freedom of the burger. An indication of Dafur had already given it in the absence in the weeks and months before, despite the acute corona danger, many burgers do not love to believe that the party life in discos and beach clubs has been charged unregulated. Such an irresponsibility continued: one flies to Mallorca, or – if prestigious – to Dubai or Madagascar.

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