The summit of the advertising olympus

Penetrante online advertising

"The sale starts when the customer says ‘no’", Is the title of an old marketing book. The same view is known as many macho when excavated. However, to penetrating advertising, however, even customers already recovered – which is why corporate departments with customer contact probably often "distribution" to be named.

The online industry is in the crisis. Too many have tried to sell on the internet heat air and so many things "We first turn off money, we invest and crank the economy, because money make money only old-fashioned soft eggs"-Startup lively lively lively pages of DotComTod. Only the public broadcasters – their time as always for years – do today still want to the internet, but also use a bankruptcy compulsory financing model that is denied normal enterprise …

More and more difficult is the situation for the real online press: In contrast to printed press products, online magazines are for free and exclusively advertising – payment models were often tried and have almost always failed. Pure advertising financing is quite a completely impossible undertaking – there is also free newspapers as well as – in the B2B area – also free magazines, and there are still paper and transport costs added. However, printed ads bring more money into the cashier than the online advertising and are also much popular with the reader: Although they always fall exactly when climbing the subway from the leaf, but do not blink and do not make no matters! Even the television advertising is over after the peefee break. On the other hand, online advertising continues constantly.

In addition, the success of online advertising banners is not only calculated after how often they are seen, but above all, how often they are to be clicked on – whether the service behind it is then actually used or not. Especially in the erotic sector, therefore, fake banners are ubiquit, which spend as a page navigation – such a thing was hidden on T-Online on the tariff change side. Who does not look exactly here, lands not only on one side he did not want to – he did not do the actually intended T-online tariff change. The surprise and the Arger with the hotline then follows a few months later…

Animated Gifs

Zeilerei with the hotline is generally quickly the result if you cancel such forms. It’s already low enough to make online forms, instead of writing an email instead of offline, but it is now required for inquiries to hotlines. Even if you just want to report a small enough, you can make some fields from birthday through bank account to the shoe grooves. And almost always is a flashing, annoying advertising banner over or under the form. First of all, you can usually ignore this, but if you have tipped around for ten minutes on the form and it still flashes and flicker, a most unnerved on how to stop animated gifs from the further animate: with a brought prere on the Escape button!

Well, and Although the Animated GIF is silent – but the form is viriously empty again at the same moment and expects a new entry of birthday, bank account and shoe groove. Hotline employees reportedly report them completely sophisticated unflatable mails, in which on any banner banners and in excess swap is also pronounced the rationality of the service. Here, too, the Telekom offers the appropriate bad example in your HAPPY DIGITS discount program: EXPERIVE FOR CONCEPTING CONFERENSING CONTRACTING PERSONAL BOOKING DATA, Several Animated GIFS is about irritating to irritate the potential customers and to lease them away from the registration.

Well, if the advertisers wanted to flicker their flickering neon advertising abruptly, then they had programmed them in this way: An animated GIF can not be programmed on a unique or repeated, but also to an endless run. It goes without saying that every advertiser programs the supernary endless pass, because only a professing customer is a good customer …

Flash or Shockwave

Now is the desire to nerve so penetrant as possible, the Animated GIF only the beginning. The previous end are the endlessly moaning windows known from the erotic sector, which only with the successful collapse of the browser or sinking of system resources to 0%. Although the user is never surfing the advertised pages, but that does not matter: he has seen a lot of advertising – and it is paid for it. The money-donated click simulates the build program no matter. However, this can not afford a normal website – here you have to be more subtle procedure in the visitor-gray. The weapon of choice is now called Macromedia Flash or Shockwave!

Flash could actually be a very useful format – it offers scalable vector graphics, sound and animation. The first really brings the user something, so it is irrelevant for the advertising industry and therefore also practically anywhere on the web. But the animation has the rough advantage, much more difficult to be stubbable than the Animated Gif: "Escape" it has to be a right mouse click on the banner, whereupon you "Play" can stop. But of course, only initiators under the flash program give the user of this possibility: the "Better" Also fails with animation off or switch off the menu shortly.

Also Microsoft and Intel mix with. The Microsoft XP Banner is preferably popping up in forums after each click, which the forum postings then quickly turn away from the actually trend topic to a topic with F-word. So direct feedback is pleased the marketing department! Still aggressive Intel: for the purpose "Macroprocessing" Papper Hochkant Fidgetless Flash Banner In addition to text contributions in online magazines. Read is there hopeless, only printing helps, because print cartridges already exist in luminous colors, but from flashing color we have been spared so far still spared. Another variant of the "Intel macroprocessing" Let’s fly a satellite on the website. If this does not crash the browser, then in turn is spat at the latest in the expression of the site, when the radio waves of the animated satellite there is over the text with black rings and make unreadable.

Such strangely shaped banners can not be easily escaped with webwasher or other advertising blockers. Flash also has the gross nerve advantage of requiring a confirmation about a to be loaded Active-X for safety-conscious forum visitors after each click – or a double negation. The solution goods to program a fake flash plugin, which wages websites protruding as a flash player – and the stapling prompt blocks to load the flash player – but the multimedia nonsense then not indicates.

Main thing, it makes noise

But even that is not yet the summit of the advertising Olympus. Finally, you can even acoustically load the surfer. This not only prove homepage artists who deposit their home page with unspecious Midi dear or even resourceful WAVs. The advertisers have also discovered how to effectively Argect people. So the jobborse uses versum sometimes a flash banner in forums, the wild slide plays as a background noise. Since the job search is actually little in common – therefore a new boss is looking for a new boss because you have just shot the old – the user rarely comes to the source of the Storgerauschsaus. And when he discovered these and with "Right mouse button-on-banners" – "Play out" has turned off, the next click in the forum will restart the banner immediately again. Penalty must be, you should do not have a music horen when surfing, not from CD and just not MP3!

The absolute high point just travel24: Here poppen in archive menu of websites not only with each click lateral and sexist banners high – to the beach pictures of the exotic protectors also erades ears-bearing railroad councils from the speakers. The rickety train does not fit for the relaxing holiday scenario, but that does nothing: the main thing, it makes noise and worries the potential customer.

A few online performances are still luxury to refuse to annoying banners. Often, however, these are also unnoticed via Adserver as in the wrong T-Online Menu – in the advertising book, something harmless was readily displayed there. Most online performances are already so close to the cash that you can see all your visitors. It’s like in the days of 3D movies when the saying fell "We will call the viewers from the canvas with objects until they start to start": The giant banners attack!

The advertisers will probably be satisfied only when the first adserver are hacked and suddenly sudden in Intel and Microsoft "Peter Grubt Aunt Erna" or "The Fluffy Bunny Wants to Fuck Now" While the screens flutter. A particularly coarse Microsoft banners has already been successfully manipulated – but traditionally with scissors and adhesive!

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