“The spread of the saudi influence will result in devastating consequences”

Encounters with Peter Scholl-Latour

Peter Scholl-Latour awaited me in the hotel bar, where we had an appointment. With the awkward book in his pocket, I had made my way. Peter Scholl-Latour stood at the counter when I entered the room and laughing me laughing. We were the only guests.

A radiant waiter came and said, turning towards his prominent guest: "My mother has read all her books." Peter Scholl-Latour looked up and answered: "Oh, the arms!" Then he ordered a whiskey, I decided on a cappuccino for a cappuccino. "All world is drinking Cappuccino today, I stay with the whiskey, but always after 5 pm!"

Peter Scholl-Latour looked fresh and energetic on me. It was difficult for me to believe that he was only in a short time his 87. Happy birthday. He wore a bright jacket to the blue shirt. In recent months, he had made some extensive trips to collect findings, from Latin America to the People’s Republic of China. Now the Lander North Africa and the Levant were the goal.

Peter Scholl-Latour and Ramon Schack in the summer of 2013. Image: R. Shack

"Please excuse you", he said, "that I did not receive her in the apartment, but there is a terrible chaos. My wife and I just returned from the Middle East, the next journey is imminent. And tonight I am still in one of these TV talk shows, where I can present myself again as Unke, in conversation with other gastles that have nothing to know!"

We both laughed. Scholl-Latour nipped on his whiskey glass, while I overwhelmed him the requested book. "What for a person is this Robert Baer actually? They have met him yes", he asked me, while he was blattering in his work. I answer that it was an extraercious rather unsolicited person, which one did not necessarily look that he was once undercover in Iraq and had the order to liquidate Saddam Hussein. "His theses are definitely valid, but in former intelligence learners one should be very suspiciously!", noticed my opposite.

Finally, Scholl-Latour inquired when I had had to contact him for the last time, where I answered that we must brief a telephone interview. "Then you have to expect that your phone will be off, but that can happen to you with phone calls with me too", he added laughing. We came to speak on Saudi Arabia. I reported Scholl-Latour from my encounter with the Saudi Ambassador to Berlin. Peter Scholl-Latour Horten attentively.

At this banquet, the ambassadors of Kui’s, Bahrein, the United Arab Emirates, the ambassador Omans and the Saudi ambassadors were present. Finally, I asked the Ambassador Saudi Arabia, he was my desk, if it was true, Robert Baer had glamored to me, that American journalists were not received a visa for the consolation, whereupon this answered: "No, no, only Judian Americans get no visa with us!"

Peter Scholl-Latour put his glass on the counter. "You know, that’s a platform. Since our government is supposedly so concerned about the non-existent anti-Semitism in Iran, where Jews are sitting in Parliament, and boycotted this country, while in Saudi Arabia is rusted, no longer."

Scholl-Latour then paid me that he had discovered the protocols of the sages of Zion as Bettlekture in Saudi Arabia, in which he had risen back then and that he was pointed out from a high Saudi Weapon as a German that Saudis and Germans allegedly had a common enemy, Zionism. "If we will not soonander our suburban policy towards the Middle East and the preferential treatment of Saudi Arabia will continue, we will soon get the consequences for traces. The propagation of the Saudi influence, which takes place under our protection, will draw devastating consequences, which has been observed for decades."

It is highest suspect that so many American Middle East experts have excellent knowledge of the Orient, but their remindances and warnings on the Potomac unressee, Scholl-Latour continued. One of these caught American scientists have recently had the courage to question the public perception and adopt that the West does not limit themselves thereto to celebrate the fall of the wall and the end of the Soviet Union to celebrate. Rather, the year 1979 is the Zasur, which led a profound change in the ways, a historical process that continues to date. Only the destructive defeat of the United Arab armies in the six-day war against Israel in 1967 was comparable as a historical milestone.

Scholl-Latour took a sip of his whiskey glass and then continued: "In 1967, not only the myth of the most agypal prassident Gamal Abdel Nasser, but also the romantic idea of the united Arab nation, which should range from the states of the Atlantic Ocean to Persian Gulf, the "Ummat el Arabyia". At least since that time, the slaughter fee "Islam is the solution" always louder in the strain of the Arab world.

According to Scholl-Latour this afternoon during our conversation at the hotel bar, the year 1979 was represented by three events, which should sustainably reward the entire nearby and Middle East. On the one hand the revolution in Iran by Ayathollah Khomeini, whose charisma was limited to the Shiites, in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. Then the invasion of the Red Army in Afghanistan, in December of that year, which was to last ten years, which no one could suspect at that time, and the decay of the Soviet Union after the rezug of the Russian occupation forces from Hindukusch. Finally, the uproar in Saudi Arabia, which culminated in the initial design of the sacreds of Mecca in November of that year, which were occupied by some fanatics, which had rushed against the souvenirism of the Saudi rulers. This revolt was by no means shiite or even marxist motivated, so Scholl-Latour, but was caught by a 27-year zero, a certain Mohammed El-Qahtani, who wanted to find back to the dogmas of the early Islam.

Mohammed El-Qahtani was a Saudi, no alignment, which is a lot of people around him, all Sunni Arabs. Today you have been defined this uprising than Salafist. What the Scholl-Latour was surprising most of this event was the fact that the Saudi army was unable to break this resistance, which is why Riad desperately turned to France and begged the use of antiTerror specialists of the Gign. So it came to the fact that incredients from the Occident stood the hollen of the sacred equipments of Islam in the depression of this Salafist uprising. Since the 10. Century, when the heretical Qarmaten destructed the sacred equips, had no such desecration.

Since those days, so lectured Scholl-Latour, was a stronger turning of the House of El Saud to observe a fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic legislation. The fanatic Wahhabitish case-law led to an oppressive intolerance, which even inspired the Taliban in Afghanistan. The revenues which are available to the Saudis due to their petroleum richness are placed in the service of global proseciation, which has changed the nature of Islam worldwide to the negative, he argued.

It is based on the youngsians of the Coran preacher, from Del-Wahhab from the eighteenth century, whose clan was the Saud in the Westen Region Nedjd to the sales of a cross-tanned Islamic embassy. In their name, hatred is today, from Bosnia to Indonesia, the construction of contaminated mosques promoted to give the Holy War worldwide a solid foundation.

Scholl-Latour made a jump and pointed out that the terrorist attack of 9/11 can not be laid out to a single Afghan, but that it had acted almost exclusively Saudi company, which was done quickly in Washington, even if one It mediated in the public presentation. In Saudi Arabia, so Scholl-Latour, one is aware that thanks to the immense potential to Odol for the US, it was indispensable and has remained spared by Washington from the otherwise conventional admonition to the introduction of democracy and human rights.

Scholl-Latour looked at the clock and said: "I have to leave right now!" He grabbed into the inside of his sakko and pulled out a folded font piece. "I wish you an exciting stay in Ukraine. Please inform me about your journey." We hugged us to say goodbye.

As I sab the next day on the plane to Kiev Sab, I read the document which Scholl-Latour had left me. It was a text by Michael Scott Doran, one of Princeton University’s guiding Middle East experts. Appointed to Washington’s relations with RIAD, he wrote:

"The situation is critical because the US has a small mean of counteracting antischiitic and anti-American electricity. Wahhabism is the basis of an entire political system. Anyone who benefits from the status quo will run around this system if it is touched by AUBE. The United States remains no choice, as the fally democratic reforms in Iraq and in Saudi Arabia are energetic. But everyone attempt to create a liberal political order will exclude additional dispute. The anti-American mood was fueled. In his chairs to demand democracy in the Middle East, Washington will once again have to find that his closest Arabic composites are at the same time his bitter enemies."

I worked again the font piece, we were in the landing approach to Kiev.

The text is Ramon Schacks book: "Encounters with Peter Scholl-Latour. A personal portrait of Ramon Schack" (3 pages publisher, 288 pages, 16.99 EUR).

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