The safety fence from the perspective of environmental protection and asthetics

After protesting environmental protectioners and residents against the security fence in the Waste of Judaa, the Israeli Defense Department developed "Technical alternatives"

In January of this year, the Israeli government had stopped the further expansion of the controversial security fence in the Suden by the Waste of Judaa first. Reason for the building disk on a long of 30 km were unlike the familiar criticism protests of environmental protectioners and residents who also fired an asthetic influence of nature through the fence. Was required to secure this section with the fence system, but essentially only with radar systems, monitoring cameras and other sensors.

The safety fence from the perspective of environmental protection and asthetics

The Wuste of Judaa. Image: Iraelian Foreign Affairs

The fence, the environmental protectioners claimed, between Metzudat Yehuda (Beit Yatir) and Nahal Tavor important hiking trails of animals, but also waterways in the area penalized by taler and mountains. Thus, the nature reserves located there were threatened. Oberdies was escaped that in terms of tourism, the beautiful and unique landscape is defaced by the fence. Environmental protection and nature lovers also criticized that the fence was planned too deep in the Israeli area, which has been cut off some popular hiking trails. Even Ubergange for hikers were rejected.

Although Israeli Defense Ministry of Defense Idf responsible for the construction of the security fence insured that the course of the fence did not run by nature reserves. Nevertheless, first of all environmental protection and residents obviously exerted such a rough prere that one set the construction to consider alternatives together with the environmental protectioners and nature lovers. Critics of the security fence already made fun of Defense Minister Peretz, that he worried about "Sand, okosystems and animals" as well as the asthetic view was, during he "Freedom and became" The Palastinians do not continue scissors, which are included in some sections virtually completely from the security fence as in a prison.

The safety fence from the perspective of environmental protection and asthetics

Image: Israeli Defense Ministry

The a total of 600 km long security fence, the terrorists to defend and prevent the smuggling of weapons, is only a small part as around the city of Qalqiliya a real, but over 8 m high wall, but also the safety fence through the landscape on brute ways. The word safety fence exchanges that the locking system has a width of at least 50 m. To the West Bank, the plant begins with six, pyramid-formed barbed wire rollers. After that comes a few meters deeper trench, where a strain for patrol vehicles fleet. This is followed by an electrically charged fence with many sensors in three meters high, behind it a strip with sand, on which traces are to be seen, followed by another strain for patrols and still a sand strip. The degree forms another two safety fences with barbed wire.

As the Jerusalem Post reports, the Ministry of Defense now has "Technical alternatives" developed for the safety fence, on which you do not do without it, because he is the only possibility to prevent terrorists from come to Israel. This is not only referred to the safety fence, which goes around the Gaza strip, from where virtually no stop is done, but also on the successes with the already completed 400 km barrier around the West Bank, which had already reduced the number of terrorist attacks.

The technical alternatives are supposed to make the safety fence in an environmentally friendly and aesthetic. He is now planned for 25 km of the total of 30 km long route. Here, however, he should only be two meters high and the plant only 30 meters wide. The remaining fun kilometers through a mountainous region just wants to secure radar systems and other monitoring techniques. In addition, you were provided in the fence Puncher to ensure sheets, marmot-like rodents, which often occur here, a shoulder. Greater free passages for other animals were secured with radar systems to discover people who want to serve themselves here. "We make everything that is possible to prevent the environment no damage", said an officer of Jerusalem Post. "But ultimately there is no alternative to a material barrier. And a fence is the only way to get Israel security."

However, the asthetics occurred a little bit in the background, even if you want to shrink the locking system. Whether your course changes, so for example, more moved to the West Bank, does not come out of the report.

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