The rough pyramid of dessau

With a monumental tomb for millions of people, an association wants to realize a business idea or art project

In the old Egypt, the pharaohs have set the most massive mab for self-presentation so far. The pyramids in which they love themselves were becoming more and more forceful attention spectacles where the gaze of people still thousands of years afterwards. The final narcissism now serves as a model for a project of the "Friends of the coarse pyramid", just one with Dessau, one of the shrinking city in East Germany, want to build.

The rough pyramid of Dessau

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Today, the project is demanded by the Federal Cultural Foundation with 89 000 euros, the public in the context of a "Pyramid festival" presented in Dessau. The plan, which brewed from the writer Ingo Niermann and the economist Jens Thiel, is so daring that the associated association could not only attract members, but also a well-known jury for the ideas competition. The jury sits Rem Koolhaas, other members are Stefano Boeri (publisher of "Abitare"), Prof. Omar Akbar (Director of the Foundation Bauhaus Dessau), Ingo Niermann and Miuccia Prada.

150 meters high the pyramid should be on a base surface of 220 x 220 meters connecting the origin purpose of a grave monitor with the commerce. She should definitely "GRAB FOR ALL" will, at least for all those who buy in a pyramid a fur with eternal sleep or waiting for resurrection. A reminder stone should cost between 200 and 400 euros, a tombstone with an urn between 500 and 700 euros. Is being built by train, so only when another stone is sold.

However, the business idea is presented as democratization of the final narcissism: "The agypal pyramids could only promise one’s own corpermal existence. Now this way is open to all people." Thiel, however, promises that everyone who wants to receive his grave in the pyramid, even if he can not afford it.

The rough pyramid is potentially serving every person as a grave or memorial. It is poroused to all nationalities and religions as well as monumental as inexpensive grabbands. If you can not or want to find his urn grave there, you can put a souvenir stone for yourself. Everyone is free to make his stone, be it with paints, pictures or as relief. Stone around stone wave the coarse pyramid and can become the big construction of human culture.

Friends of the coarse pyramid

You want, so it is by no means ironic, but beerst "The first volks, cultures and religions connecting internationally marketed grave and memorials" create. Around the spectacle monument of death, further establishments could be established and workplaces in the structurally weak region are created: hotels, churches, hospitalized, funeral company … Modern is not only the marketing of the mass grave, but also the material. the "Rough pyramid" In the near the Bauhaus, namely, millions of concrete quadres are created. As it is about their lifespan, it will probably be waiting for waiting, especially if the project is not only an architect shear or a virtual artwork, that the rough pyramid ends as a flat unsightly ruin and is not growing in the high, In which attention is awakened.

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